Monday, January 10, 2011

Milk Pongal & A Giveaway

Pongal to me always meant this sweet Milk pongal we got from the temple in the month of December-January.In fact,we used to call this the Pongal month since daily we got this one and a Jaggery version of the pongal as prasadam.I remember the moment the bells started ringing for Arathi/Pooja,we used to rush to the temple to get this,those were the good ol' days!!

I have never tried making this at home since every year,somehow amma made sure I got my share through a friend/family visiting.But this year no such luck and whenever I heard amma talk about this,I wanted to have my share too.It was then that she told me that it is a very easy recipe and I can try making it on my own and post it on my blog too.There..she knows how to deal with me,ha!

Milk Pongal


Raw rice - 3/4 cup
Split moong dal - 1/4 cup
Milk - 1/2 cup
Water - 1 1/2 cups +2 tbsps
Sugar - 1 cup
Banana[Nendrapazham] - 1/2 cup,chopped
Ghee -2-3 tsp
Elachi/Cardamom - 1,crushed
Saffron - few strands [optional]


In a thick bottomed sauce pan,add the washed rice and moong dal and cook together along with the milk and water for 5-7 minutes.
The rice and dal should be just cooked enough,not overcooked or mushy.
Now add the sugar and the chopped banana.
The mixture would turn liquidy,so keep stirring till it starts drying up.
Keep adding little ghee as you stir it and when it dries up completely[should not stick to your hands when touched],remove and pour into a greased steel plate.
Add the crushed cardamom and saffron[if using] on top and let it cool
Slice and serve.


On another note,I am reading Rujuta Diwekar's new book Women and the weight loss Tamasha and absolutely loving it.I have always been a trying-to-lose-weight kind of a person.At any given point,I am either on a diet or boasting about my new found thin-ness.After reading the book,I can't blame any of my health conditions for the weight gain as she busts every myth associated with women and weight loss.If you are trying to lose weight,or be a fit and healthy person,then this book is for you.

I am giving away this book to one lucky reader[shipping only within India].All you need to do is comment here-you can also elaborate on why you are trying to lose weight or any health tips you have or even simple-just wish me luck on my mission to lose weight.Yes,that simple.

I will be choosing the winner on January 12.So go ahead,say hi to me!! Giveaway is closed.

Giveaway sponsored by Divya.


  1. The bar shaped milk pongal looks tempting

  2. This is a different kind of pongal with bananas. For me, paal pongal is somewhat mushy. Nice to know this version too.

  3. hehehe...this book is looking at me asking to pick it up...I always want to loose weight but blame so many things for my weight name some... nasty hormones, caesar delivery maybe thyroid..and the list continues...I started brisk walking buttttttttt...again a gap came .....going to resume it from today itself :)The best health tip which I can give is...drink a glass of lukewarm water as soon as you wake up by adding a spoon of honey and half lemon much of an advise coming from me..:))Good luck to you divya on your quest.

  4. Hey Divya, that was a lovely looking Pongal.
    Tip 1: Have small meals and include more fresh fruits,veggies and nuts too.
    Tip 2: To avoid craving, reduce sugar in small portions instead of totally cutting it out from the diet
    Tip 3: Be regular on exercise, be it cardio or yoga, it really works but may not show immediately but take my word, it works :):)
    Tip 4: Avoid left overs of children, that really puts on the extra flab.
    Tip 5: Do not keep worrying abt reducing weight, that might increase ur stress level and keep adding kilos.
    Enjoy life and do not stress urself.

  5. Hi Divya. I have been silently following your blog and trying recipies. I dont have a blog of my own as yet but would love to some day.
    And, on weight loss, i am also someone who is eternally on a diet. I read Rijuta's first book - Dont lose you mind, lose your weight. That was good. Would love to lay my hands on this book. Please pick my name!

  6. same Here as i have always been on the little righter side of the balancing scale. but now its important as with a toddler I need to be fit. so no more weight loss, no more dieting but a regime to a healthier, fitter me.
    the Pongal looks lovely. even here we get this sometimes as prasad.

  7. Lovely pongal..loved the way it is cut...
    n good luck for ur weight looks like an interesting book...

  8. Lovely pongal..loved the way it is cut...
    n good luck for ur weight looks like an interesting book...

  9. Milk pongal looks yummy..Just got to have a preview of the book yest at a bookstore and it was really interesting to see so many myths being proved wrong.. I too am a kind of person who has been trying to loose weight that I gained after marriage but in vain....This book would surely help all those trying to loose weight to take steps in the right direction

  10. And ya, the tips from me are

    1. A glass of warm water with honey first thing in the morning

    2. The best way to reduce oil and sugar consumption is by changing the size of the spoon to a smaller one

    3. Stay dedicated and dont lose hope if you are loosing weight really slowly

    4. Try to walk briskly whenever u get time

    I am trying to follow these, though I end up compensating for them with icecreams and chocolates :-)

    I would love to read this book on weight loss

  11. Thats a different pongal, looks yummy..

  12. The diamond shaped pongal bar sounds interesting and unique. Wish U all the best in your weight loss mission..

  13. with banana's this pongal is intresting divya!

    Yesterday my hubby choosed me this book at book fair for me. i dont know why i avoided it...

  14. Your version of pongal looks so new for me and looks that have drool enouf on the pongal time to eye the book..perhaps the book the can give me advice instead of me giving any..:)

  15. Hey Divya...

    Yummy Pongal....

    I want to loose weight so my dear darling hubby can lift me off my legs and twirl me around.... Like the old filmy style... he is always dreaming and saying about this :-)

    Tip : Simple, eat in moderation.
    All food is good.. when and only when ate in moderation..

  16. The recipe sounds interesting ... nvr tasted pongal , so i surely need to giv it a try :) :)

  17. i love the way you have presented it..maybe I will try this for pongal this year..

  18. One of the nicer looking pongals I have seen. Ususally they're a mush even if they taste good. :)

    I guess the one reason for wanting to lose weight is wanting to be a lightweight? :D

  19. Milk pongal looks too yummm :)Banana in pongal is new to me :)

  20. Divs:

    You have seen me right form college days...need i say anything more...can i say All the best...but divs, drink green tea and cut out your dinners...and maybe just maybe you'd see light at the end of the tunnel!!!


  21. Rice based desserts are my weakness along with all the other desserts that exist I mean:-). Looks yumm..

    Having lost and gained weight twice after my 2 kids came along, I can say, moderate eating, moderate exercise and including plenty of fiber in your diet helps in the long run. What we do on a regular basis matters, rather than wt we do once in a while. Fitness has to be a way of life rather than a fad or a short-term goal. End of my speech:-))

  22. Beautiful presentation Divya.

    As for the giveaway-wonderful choice! I am trying to eat healthy as I somehow maintain my weight.Actually it happens naturally as i have no maid to help me around and there is a 3 year old who keeps me on my toes.

    Anyways all the best in your endeavor Divya :)

    I would love to read this book and keeping my fingers crossed[Btw,I back in India now :)]

  23. The pongal in diamond shape and with banana looks delicious !!
    Regarding the weight loss I have gone down by 25 kgs and I know the way I have suffered.
    Anxiety stress disorder,backpain,restlessness,complex,heel pain..the list goes on...
    I am still on loosing weight as i have not reached my ideal weight. infact put few kgs after i had a recent gall bladder surgery!!

  24. Nice giveaway Divya. Pongal looks appetizing shaped into beautiful diamonds!

  25. pongal shaped into burfis is indeed creative ! And reg weight loss, just some common sense advice ..drink atleast 8 glasses of water a day. Avoid excess of sugar, salt and rice.
    Regular exercise atleast 150 min a week. And stay positive :)

  26. I have to start making things that I "took for granted" earlier. Pongal looks nice.

    I've always been quite overweight and finally have found time to exercise fairly regularly :-)

    I snack often, but on fruits and veggies... or some healthy snacks. I drink plenty of water. I keep snacks like chips etc where they belong... in the stores :)

    And I can give you an India address :-)

  27. Banana in pongal... very new let's try for this pongal.

  28. I really like pongal and have never tried it....this recipe of yours inspires me finally to make some...
    The book looks interesting and would love to read.Eating right and doing yoga helps me keep in control of my weight. I've tried various gluten-free recipes and the use of olive oil in my cooking has actually helped me glow and feel lite :)
    Like your space and keep up the good work.

  29. Divs The pcs r cut so nice nd they luk lovely..
    And About the book.... I wud love to read it Nd tht wud be from the next month... As I have no option other than to come bac to my normal weight :D

  30. This is a complete different version of Pongal..Looks really nice and tempting ..I love sugar version than the jaggery version..
    I need to lay my hands on that book first..I want to lose the weight that i gained post pregnancy... I have a weakness for sweets and ice cream.. blame it on not being to eat for 9 months during pregnancy.. suddenly my taste buds have come alive and i keep hunting for food.. he he he..
    Exercise & brisk walks works the best for me in helping lose weight along with diet control.. Good luck dear :)

  31. I love the sweet pongal..or pongolu..hehe. Amma gave me different proportions for maing had a lot more milk. I will make it soon.. yea sure the weight problems prevent me from making these dishes :(..oh well, blame it on the

  32. Love ur version of milk pongal,pongal has come early at your place huh? :)

  33. Divya - Pongal reminds me of of this paal pongal, chakkara pongal and karumbu. Oh how I miss India.

    And my weight stays with me until I can stop talking sentences like above! Good Luck on your efforts!


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