Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coconut Cookies

Ever since I started baking Cookies,I've been looking for that perfect Coconut cookie recipe,which tastes like real coconut and not the coconut flavoured types.I have tried incorporating dessicated coconut in my basic cookie recipe but the flavour got lost somewhere in between.It never ever struck me that I should add real coconut if I need the real flavour..duh!!

I had some grated coconut in abundance sitting pretty in the refrigerator for some time and I was looking for recipes with which I could finish the whole batch.Initially thought of making Coconut Barfi,something which I learnt to make at a very young age and for the same reason,a very fool proof recipe.But then I remembered this recipe which I had seen at Anushruti's blog.Had bookmarked this ages ago.

Kept out the butter and measured out rest of the ingredients and since I had the coconut grated and ready,it got done in a jiffy and was a breeze to make.I wanted it to be fat and round,since didn't flatten it.The resulting cookie was a mix between looks of a Nankhatai and tastes of Coconut barfi,yes-surprisingly!!

Loved the coconut burst in each and every bite!!

Coconut Cookies
Recipe adapted from Divine Taste


Flour - 100 gms
Baking powder - 1/4 tsp
Butter - 50 gms
Sugar - 50 gms [I used powdered sugar]
Grated Coconut - 50 gms
Cardamom Powder - a pinch
[The original recipe uses Vanilla essence but I think Coconut and Cardamom are a match made in!!]
Milk - 2 tbsp
[I had some condensed milk left over,so I used 1 tbsp of that]


Preheat oven to 150C.
Sift together flour and baking powder-set aside.
Cream the butter and powdered sugar till smooth and creamy.
Mix in the grated coconut,cardamom powder and condensed milk[or milk],beat well.
Now add the flour mix little by little till you get a firm dough.
Make small balls of the dough and place 1' inch apart on a greased baking tray.
Bake for 22-24 minutes.

Makes 15 cookies.


  1. Nice clicks...Its so tempting...Yummy...cookies...

  2. Wowwww... wonderful recipe divya.. Mmmm yummyyyy.. nice clicks too :) thank u

  3. Am drooling at those cookies..perfectly baked..bookmarking this reipe..

  4. cookies with fresh grated coconut..sounds so good..

  5. wow they looks soooo perfect ...beautiful click divya


  6. Crispy crust and cute cookies Divya! Lovely clicks.

  7. Excellent Cookies .Coco-cookies are always in my wish list.Yours look perfect

  8. Those cookies look sinful dear....perfect to bite in...

  9. Cookies have come out well. I add some corn flour/koovapodi too to make it crunchy. I have been trying to get the kind that we get here in bakeries which has more of cooconut and just enough flour for binding.

  10. Looks too gud...adding coconut is plus ...nice recipe

  11. I m not a big fan of coconut cookies but once i fall in love i seriously will indulge in it like crazy this one luks so :)

  12. I love baking cookies and these are my absolute favourite. I can tell by a glance that these are the perfect little coco bites I have been looking for so many months. gonna make it right away. thanks for sharing. will let you know tomorrow how it turned out.

  13. Lovely cookies Divs! I love coconut burfi and since you have said this tastes like coc burfi, I so badly want one right now :(

  14. Divya I can just imagine the lovely flavors of this cookie!Yum!!

  15. Awesome,awesome and awesome cookies. Loved the texture and can visually feel the coconut:):)Bookmarked.

  16. oh!looking yummy n mouthwatering

  17. absolutely divine divya :) love coconut flavor anytime in baked goods or even otherwise :)

  18. divya,could you please give the ingredients in cup measurements too??

  19. these cookies look so buttery, golden and yummy!

  20. Yay!..a perfect cookie for me!!! will bake asap and let you know.
    Hugs!!! :)

  21. Hey I'm glad you went ahead and tried this and it worked so beautifully. Can I have one please?

  22. Heyy i tried these cookies out & they turned out gr8..very soft & chewy & really yummy!!



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