Saturday, July 24, 2010

Masala Biscuits

A very simple gtalk conversation with Aparna led me into making these cookies.As I've mentioned before,many a times the chat is about food and more food than anything else.Probably the second or max the third query to each other would be -"so what's cooking"? 

So while chatting she told me she was baking masala cookies and I was intrigued.I've been meaning to make these since so long and it looked like the perfect time to try.I was leaving to Ekm on a short trip and was already baking this cake,so thought of making this too.I had written down this recipe long back from this blog and it looked simple enough to try.I did and as I was flattening the cookies,I had an idea.I wanted these to look like biscuits not cookies but the dough was a li'l bit,teeny bit sticky.

I remember seeing this method somewhere[can't remember where] of refrigerating the dough in a ziplock bag and then rolling the dough inside it.That gives the biscuits a very even shape and you could easily cut them into squares or any other shape of your choice without the necessity to add more flour lest the dough starts getting sticky. 

First time I made these,they were gone in no time and I really did not get a chance to have it myself.So the first thing I baked after coming back to Chennai was this.I should say I am in love with savory cookies.Perfect snack to have with a cup of tea.I can see myself baking this again and again!!

Masala Biscuits - Recipe source Namratha of Finger-licking Food


Maida - 1 cup
Butter - 75 gms[original recipe uses margarine],softened
Powdered sugar - 2 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Baking powder - 3/4 tsp
Green chillies - 6-8,adjust to your spice level[I used 4]
Yogurt - 2 tbsp
Curry leaves - 1-2 sprigs[I skipped this]
Coriander leaves - 1 tbsp,chopped
Ginger - 1/2' piece grated


Preheat oven to 150C.Grease/line a cookie tray.
Sift together flour,powdered sugar,baking powder and salt and keep aside.
In a mixing bowl,beat butter till smooth[about3-4 minutes.Mix in the cut chillies,chopped curry leaves,coriander leaves,ginger and yogurt.
Slowly mix in the flour little at a time and knead into a smooth dough.
Keep the dough inside a ziplock and seal it closed.

Start rolling-first to all four corners and then roll evenly till the dough stretches to all sides.
It might be sticky at this stage-so refrigerate the dough for 20 minutes or so.
Cut open the ziplock and cut the biscuits into shapes of your choice
Place the cookies on the baking tray and bake for 20-23 minutes.
Cool on a cooling rack and store in airtight containers.


  1. divya ,these biscuits r mind blowing..looks like they will melt in my mouth ...yum yum


  2. Masala biscuits are our fav. .Love these..

  3. Wowww.... wonderful recipe dear... nice clicks too.. thanks for saring !!

  4. Divya, they are simply mind blowing !!!! I am surely making them

  5. wow.....THey just look amazing dear...perfect bikki's...

  6. Divya, these look lovely. I might be asking a very stupid question.. but after rolling in the zip lock bag do u cut of the sides of the bag to cut the biscuits, or it's easy to remove the rolled dough out of the bag.

  7. Divya I was waiting for ur pics.... they luk far far better than mine i guess... but yeh not to forget we too relished it much.... I will add mint leaves next time nd check :) nd loved the square biks...:)

  8. The biscuits look very good. isnt it great to have something baked like this to enjoy the rain. ahh!
    I always roll nippatu or pie crust between two sheets of cling films. that way its easy to make it as thin as required. got this idea form Rachel Allen's bake.

  9. Thank you all!!

    Pari,I forgot to mention that.Will add in the post.You need to cut the ziplock bag and then cut the biscuits into shapes of your choice!!

  10. First pic looks lovely Div. Scrumptious!

  11. oh!looking yummy n crispy i would like to give a try for this

  12. Looks great!..will be doing this shortly..thanks..:)

  13. I can guess how tasty they must be.Delicious clicks :)

  14. Divya these cookies look mouth-watering!!!

  15. Absolutely delicious masala biscuits, looks superb and awesome..

  16. Looks very interesting to me. I have something similar that i used to make some time ago. But this one is very crunchy to look at.Must give it a try.

  17. they look super tasty like Krack Jack , but with a tasty twist of adding green chillies which i love, i havent had one of these ...and this is new to me....that tip about rolling the dough in ziplock is very helpful ! thanks !

  18. Neat!!! These Masala bisciuts looks super great!!

  19. Lovely texture and crispy looking biscuits. Must try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  20. savory biscuits r my fav.. they look crunchy n perfect..the second pic is soooo tempting.. lovely recipe..

  21. lovely delicious and tempting masala biscuits.

  22. Masala biscuits look lovely and tasty. I like the tip on rolling dough in zip lock bag.Super idea.

  23. Hi Divya,

    thanks for the suggestion on my blog.. Please let me know if u are using mozilla.. I think all other browsers are showing this better.. I see this better on my system. Can u please chk and let me know.


  24. Hi1 First time here ... you have a lovely space. Masala biscuit looks very tempting.

  25. 75 grams of butter is 12 tablespoons. is this much butter necessary?

  26. I made this biscuits and they were simply out of the world!

  27. Hi Divya, for a healthy version can the maida be replaced with wheat flour??
    Please do answer.


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