Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Banana Halwa ~ For someone special !!

I am never in doubt when I have to bake something for someone's birthday.In fact,I am willing to bake a Birthday Cake for my cousin's friends' wives' sisters' daughter too.Yeah,for someone who is always looking for a reason to bake,anyone's birthday is an occasion.No offense,I am just trying to put my point across here.

Then why not a cake today,for my pretty and sweet ma-in-law as she celebrates her birthday?Well,you have a question there.To be very,very honest I am having a starting trouble.Even the easiest cake recipe is looking kind of hard work to me.I hope I haven't forgotten to bake,oh what a terrible thought!!

I almost zeroed in on this cake from her wonderful blog.Then thought,here I am trying to reduce all the piled up weight from the wedding feasts and surely,the cake is not going to help me one bit.Not that this halwa is fat-free,far from it.But I had so much of this halwa back home that I can pretty much refrain from eating it[I hope].

So here it is,an instant[almost] Banana Halwa that you could whip in less than 10 minutes.

Banana Halwa


Ripe Banana [nendrapazham] - 2
Sugar - 3-4 tbsp
Cardamom powder - 1 tsp
Ghee - 1 tsp
Oil - for deep frying


Chop the banana into small pieces.
In a kadai,add oil and when it is hot deep fry the banana pieces till golden brown.
Remove and drain on a tissue paper.
Transfer to a bowl and add the ghee,sugar and cardamom powder and give a good shake.
Serve hot.
[the sugar oozes out of the halwa as it cools down and I like to have it cold too]


  1. hi divya ,
    halwa looks yummy ...its new to me ,never tried this before ,i am sure its tasty


  2. wonderful recipe and looks so delicious...

  3. Never heard of Banana Halwa! Looks super!

  4. Hey, that is a very new recipe for me. I mean, I have seen banana halwa, but this is a new way. Thanks for this. Please do send it to "Celebrate sweets - halwa" event, check the details on my blog (left side event's list).

  5. Happy bday to you mil. Like the caramelised look of the halwa.

  6. This is a new kind of halwa. Though I caramalie nenthrapazham with sugar/jaggery, never knew we could fry those pieces to make halwa.

    Birthday wishes to ur MIL.

  7. Divs... this is a quick go halwa.... nd i loved ur click....
    Happy Bday to ur sweet MIL :)

  8. Never tried but this does look a TO DO.. always shallow fried the bananas so never knew they might turn brown when deep fried.

    will try this soon.

  9. Ur version sounds different dear...frying teh banana's make the difference

  10. Birthday wishes to your MIL. I love this halwa. We used to call it ethakka varattiyathu...I was addicted to this during my school days. I dont know whether you remember how I looked during PDC days, I was plump and this was the reason ;) Btw, adding cardamom powder is something new...

  11. the recipe is quite different from the usual one I have seen in mnay blogs..this one looks so yumm..

  12. Have had this in Kerala. Looks so easy to make.

  13. Banana halwa looks really yummy and superb.

  14. This is a new, interesting halwa... could not agree more on finding an excuse to bake:-)

  15. Love to try a halwa with banana. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Omg.. looks amazing dear.. nice clicks too.. thanks for sharing !!

  17. Edi.. wishes to your Mother in law.. Anyways.. i am sure you would have understud that i went thru ur blog.. hehehhe

  18. Halwa sounds interesting looks very delicious :-)

  19. Happy Birthday wishes to your Mother-In-Law.This unique way of making banana halwa looks very delicious and easy to make.

  20. this halwa is totally new 2 me.. looks easy and yummy. . wishes 2 your mil.... loving your collection and presentation..u have a lovely space here... do drop in at my space sometime..

  21. this makes me nostalgic.. this was my evening snack during my school days..

  22. Looks so delicious!!!Gona try this tomorrow :) .And Happy b'day to MIL :)

  23. i love this halwa and can have it anytime :)....what a sweet gesture divs :)

  24. I've never seen banana halwa before. It looks delicious :)


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