Friday, March 26, 2010

♥Strawberry Cream Gateau♥ ~ For my Man!!

Ajay turns a year older today..but with the excitement that I have right now,it seems like it is my birthday and not his.Even after trying for so many years,I still cannot seem to make him understand that Birthdays ARE special..I mean,how can you go about it like its just another day??A week before,I started planning the menu for the day,which cake to bake and what to gift and even today morning,he’s asking me,what’s so special..hmm!!

He has a totally namkeen tooth[if there’s a word like that..LOL] and only few sweet things appeal to him.If I gave him the choice I am sure he would ask me to make Biscuit Pudding or Moong Dal Payasam[which I did make,eventually!].So it was upto me to decide what to make.

I know he likes moist cakes,otherwise he wouldn’t finish all of his share when we had a Pineapple Cream Pastry at a pastry shop a while back.But sponge cakes scare the hell out of me.I,however like the moist-on-its-own kind of cakes and not the sugar syrup soaked sponges.But a birthday boy[man?;)] has to have a cake of his choice and I decided to make a simple sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries..!!

I wasn’t so sure about how the cream would behave so took the easy way out and used whipped cream powder-a first for me.Gave good results and not much of a taste difference.The cake was very light and moist and the flavors of cream and strawberry mixed with chocolate was simply out of this world!!The birthday boy[man] is happy and so am I!!

When Deeba posted this cake,my prayers were answered as to how I wanted my Strawberry cream cake to look like.I am pretty satisfied with the results though my cake is not a match to Deeba’s:).I have longingly looked at the chocolate lace border adorned cakes at Ria’s and Deeba’s and finally can pat myself on my back for achieving near-similar results!!

Happy Birthday are so special to me!!

Strawberry Cream Gateau

The recipe for the basic sponge cake is copyrighted and cannot be produced here.Check out this,this,this and this for similar recipes.Sorry!!


1 8' sponge cake
Soaking syrup(recipe follows)
Cream filling(recipe follows)
Strawberry - 200gms,divided
Chocolate-for the lace border and the garnish

For the filling

Fresh cream - 400 ml
Icing sugar(or powdered sugar) - 1 cup
Strawberries,chopped - 100gms

Whip the cream till soft peaks form.Mix in the icing sugar and whip again till it forms stiff peaks.Reserve half the cream and add chopped strawberries to the rest of the cream.

For the soaking syrup

Water - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Vanilla extract - 1 tsp(or use any liquer of your choice)

Combine sugar and water in a small saucepan and heat until it boils.Let it cool and then add vanilla extract.Reserve.

Assembling the cake

Slice sponge into 2-3 layers.[I sliced it into 2]
Place first layer on the serving plate.
Moisten with a little syrup.
Spread 1/3 of the strawberry filling on top.
Repeat with next layer.
Reserve a little cream for piping and spread the remaining cream over the top and the sides.
Pipe a border around the edge and then garnish with strawberries and chocolate shavings.

For the chocolate lace border – Measure the height of the border and the circumference of the cake. Cut out parchment paper to this measure and pipe patterns or drizzle with melted chocolate on it. Wait for it to almost set, where the paper is still flexible and the chocolate is not set hard. Wrap it around the cake and press gently to the frosted sides so that the pattern sticks to the sides.

Chill the gateau well before slicing and serving.


  1. wow wow wow...just awesome!!! Lucky Ajay!!!

  2. Happy B'day to yr Man, and WOW, what a beautiful cake! He must be so thrilled!

  3. WOWWW!!!!.... So sweet of you Divya... cake looks Awesome and perfect... my birthday wishes to Ajay.. Have a Gr8 day!!

  4. Lol.....I m doing d same way 2day dear..already the sponge is done,only the icing part is left...glad 2 see ur post before I do my icing part...might be I will be skipping that chocolate lace part as i do not have parchment paper right now...will see wat to do with the outer border....have something in my mind..want 2 implement it..

  5. Happy Birthday Ajay! Though I haven't met you, I feel I have through all of Divya's posts! :) Hope you have a great day!

    Divya, you have done an excellent job!Look at that chocolate lace, WOW! A very berry pretty cake for your hubby dear!

  6. Divz.... Happy Bday To Ajay.... U know I was just peeping into ria's blog yest Nd love the choc lace... Nd Ahh I have the same lovely look here.... Can u parcel me a slice of tht cake... It luks so professional.... I just got to say its WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

  7. Woowww...thats a lovely post and a beautiful cake....ur hubby must hVE HAD A BLAST FOR SURE!.....i too made a cake for my sons bday and had a massive cake and did the gorgeous lace as u did ...but dint come out as pretty as any of you cos my chocolate dint set!!...
    Belated b'day wishes from my side.

  8. Oh Divya, this is such a delightful gateau. Luv the decoration and the presentation. Kudos!

  9. Utterly gorgeous looking, delicious cake Divya!! No wonder the birthday boy is happy!!

    Psst.. sponge cakes scare me too.. temperamental cakes right??:-))

  10. you the woman!...your son is lucky...happy bday ajay

  11. so well decorated and looks superb...

  12. I have seen this cake in Deeba place and bookmarked it and here you have made them.
    Looks so so creamy delcious.
    Happy'day to you hubby.
    Hi hi i know when it ismy hubb's b'day i also start planningweeks before the menu and who it invite, but then when it come for my b'day i like it low key :-)

  13. Happy birthday to your man.
    The cake looks awesome, am drooling over the pics.

  14. OMG...Just fabulous and perfect...Kothiyavunnu oru piece kazhikkan...

  15. OMG...Just fabulous and perfect...Kothiyavunnu oru piece kazhikkan...

  16. HBTUAjay..:D Too shortened..too thin n pretty lace,icing,very smooth, the burst of colors-white,brown n red..eyeballs grabbing! Loved the sandwiched berries in these! U r getting too good..i too wd ape- Deeba2Divu designs! :) Loved it absolutely! 3 cheers for ur PRAGATI, wish u many more..those hearts r too pretty!

  17. Thank you all for your lovely wishes!!

    Ahem..Ajay is my hubby and not my son..:)

  18. Many more happy returns of the day to your Mr. Special.

    Gateau looks so good, with the decorations and the efforts you put in, it shows how special the D-day is..

  19. Very pretty cake. I loved the spirals on the side the most. I have a weekly bake-off event to which you can send this entry if you wish.

  20. Delectable cake!! happy b'day to your Man!!

  21. definitely and most beautifully created Divya...Kudosss...and a big pat on yur back....awesome

  22. Wow, that was one of the best cream gateau I have seen of late. Best wishes on his b'day.

  23. awesome..cant write in words.. i m speelbound..

  24. superb...i saw the chco lace borders in deeba's blog just yesterday..and then i saw your cake picture in are a pro now...

  25. Divya ,Happy Birthday to your hubby.The cake looks awesome.Love the way you decorate your cakes.

  26. Wow!!!
    Cake looks lovely..
    Happy b'day to ur man...

  27. Hi Divya,

    Happy birthday to Ajay. Your cake looks very elegant.Your clicks are also yummy.

  28. Hey, I tell u this cake looks so so perfect. Did u get into arguments trying to prove him that this was all homemade ;) ? I mean the B'day boy would surely have felt so proud after knowing that this was made by u!

  29. Very very beautiful cake divya,am sure your hubby must be really impressed and enjoyed having it...hope u both had a great day...and bday wishes to him...

  30. My Belated B'day wishes to ur hubby dear.Cake looks awesome n perfect!!! Dhivya.Decoration wit strawberry and choc looks perfect dear.I am very surprised after reading ur blog,we got same skin for the blog n we posted the skin and both of us posted related to same message hubby's bday cake.thats soo sweet dear.

  31. Want to dig right into it..Belated bday wishes to u'r DH..

  32. Belated wishes to your hubby. Cake looks so so delicious with those berries.

  33. Oh MY MY!! are becoming an expert with baking cakes, Divs!!..
    Happy Birthday to your Man :)..!!!

    ...and can I call this white blackforest gateau? ;)
    Yummy yum yum cake!!!

    k will send over my choc muffins, divs..:)

  34. looks dam superb and how beautiful that looks...ur a expert in baking i guess..looks fabulous divya..therez somthing waiting for u on my blog..plz collect them :)

  35. Belated b'day wishes to Ajay! The cake looks perfect! Loved everything about it. Hope you both had a great day!

  36. Ohh my! the best looking cake ever... you have a great space here.... following u....

  37. It looks divine and sinful all at the same time. Two thumbs up!

  38. . for the frosting can i use cream cheese plus heavy cream?? Does heavy cream and heavy whipping cream same?? Reply me asap... I m gng to make it tomorrow..


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