Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rich Chocolate Cake

One of the first recipes I jotted down on my cookbook before realizing I was noting it down from a Food Blog! I can never have ‘enough’ Chocolate Cake recipes and this one looked so rich and chocolatey that I couldn’t give it a miss.During my hunt for recipes for the Chocolate Cake event,I remembered this recipe and decided to give it a try.This one being a no-frost cake was tempting enough.Not that I dislike frosted cakes,on the contrary,I ♥ them,but sadly my weighing scale gives me nightmares.

I went ahead and frosted it anyway..just so that I could use up the leftover ganache-white and dark.See,I used up the leftovers..so I can be pardoned:).Followed this five-minute frosting idea from Deeba[who else].The result was a spectacular looking cake[if I may say so myself:)] with just a few minutes of effort.

I followed the recipe verbatim from Malabar Spices.Definitely on my bake-again list.Moist and chocolatey with a hint of cinnamon..l♥ved it!!

Rich Chocolate Cake
Recipe source Mallugirl of Malabar Spices


Flour – 1 ½ cups [ half and half of Maida and Atta]
Baking soda – 1 ½ level tsp
Salt – a pinch
Cocoa powder – 3 tbsp,heaped
Sugar – 1 ½ cups
Eggs – 2
Butter – ½ cup,melted or 8 tbsp
Sunflower oil – ¼ cup
Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
Yogurt – 1 ¼ cup[I used homemade,Amul or Nestle dahi-set curd could be used too]
Walnuts/Almonds – ½ cup,ground to a powder[I used both]
Cinnamon – 1’ stick[optional]


Preheat the oven to 175C.
Sift the flour with soda,salt and cocoa powder.
Beat the eggs slightly and keep aside.
Powder the sugar with the cinnamon[if using] and beat with the melted butter till the sugar dissolves.
Add in the beaten eggs and vanilla essence and beat well.
Blend in the oil and yogurt till well mixed.
Add the flour slowly blending it in as you go-do not add at one go-the mix should be smooth textured.
Now add the powdered nuts-do not overmix after this stage.
Grease an 8’ round cake tin and sprinkle with flour.
Bake for 35-45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean[mine took 40 minutes]
Cool and cut into wedges.

Optional frosting

I frosted the cake with some dark chocolate ganache and made a spidey web pattern using the white chocolate ganache.This step can be skipped totally if you want a plain cake.It tastes delicious either ways!!

Have you sent in your entries for The Best Chocolate Cake event yet?

Hop on to Ria's blog to check out my guest post for her..:).


  1. Cake looks beautiful divya,your an expert in cakes i can say...looks lovely and yummm....and happy woman's day...

  2. YUMMMMYYYY!!! :)
    Tooo Good Divs!!

  3. I love chocolate cake a lot!!!
    and your's look perfect and soft

    Wonderful clicks :-)

  4. iam drooling over this cake..Looks yummy yumm..

  5. lovely moist cake again..love the frosting..

  6. wow divs!! simply superb web and cake luks yummmmmmmmm...

  7. Looks beautiful Divya! Wish could have a slice even though my bathroom scales will start creaking for obvious reasons!!

  8. The cake looks perfect and so beautiful!! Great job Divs & am actually feeling J ;) cake looks perfectly moist too :)

  9. oh..thats lovely.. i love the way u hv decorated it....i m controlling myself from baking..dont tempt me :)my poor scales!!

  10. Wat a beautiful work Divya...fantastic!!!!

  11. Wow that is one of the best beautiful cakes i have seen. Looks gorgeous.
    I so so wish I could make a chocolate cake, why wasn't i living next to you so i could come over to your place when hubby was not allowing me to make chcoolate cakes :-)

  12. Beautiful and perfect.....kandittu kothiyavunu...

  13. Beautiful presentation Divya! I bet the cake tasted fab!

  14. Drooling..Your cakes are amazing! I wont say no to get caught in this spider web..

  15. Beautiful cake Divya! Perfect spider web:)

  16. Tempting Choco Cake and a lovely presentation... I wish to have a slice Divya:)

  17. Cake looks absolutly gorgeous!!

  18. wow... yummy cake..
    wish I could be ur neighbour.. :)

  19. Gorgeous...such a fabulously yummy cake...loved it

  20. Wow chocolate cake looks delicious.My 1st time here and I am loving your space.Do drop by simply.food sometime.I willl send cake for the event too.

  21. Excellent, i cannot take out my eyes!

  22. Yummy! Lovely handwork with the icing. It looks beautiful!

  23. Stunning Cake Divya! Love this much chocolate.

  24. loved ur cakes divya ..if u get a chance pls do stop by at my blog

  25. Great presentation! I love chocolate cakes..This looks heavenly!

  26. This looks amazing, the pic of the slice caught my eye. I'm hemming and hawwing about what cake to bake for my son's b'day (family party) today - I think this is the one!

  27. divya, didn't know that u had baked this and liked it! hi hi!!
    Ur photo of the slice is too gorgeous. Have to try the frosting on the cake now. Thanks for the tip.


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