Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kotla Nonche ~ Mixed vegetable Pickle

A while back,both amma and ma-in-law were here in Chennai.That was a first,it so happened that both of them booked their tickets without knowing that we are going to have a gala time together!!Not to mention my entry to the kitchen..:),such a joy..:).Both made their special dishes for each other and we kept on piling good food along with lots of calories,which of course does nothing for the expanding waistline..sigh!!

Ma-in-law’s favorite Kellya ambat,Pazhapulisheri and Valval were made by amma and Amma’s favorite Pickle and Kolmbo were made by ma-in-law.All of it happens to be my fave

Kotla Nonche is a very tasty and easy to prepare pickle.Basically it is made with cut pieces of raw mango and cauliflower,but we added chopped carrots and tendle[tindora] into it.For one who doesn’t fancy pickles so much,this one gets over in our place with a swift pace.We love it for the crispy and crunchy vegetables in it..:).

Kotla Nonche ~ Mixed Vegetable Pickle
Recipe source Ma-in-law,prepared by amma..:)


Raw mango – 2,big-chopped
Cauliflower – 1,small-cut into small florets
Tindora – 4-5,chopped
Carrots – 2,chopped
Lime – 5-6
Ginger – 2’ piece
Green chilly – 1,chopped

For the masala

Red chilly – 200 gms
We used a mix of Kashmiri chillies and regular red chillies.If you are using only one variety,adjust the amount to control the heat.

Mustard seeds – 1 tbsp
Hing/Asafoetida – 2 tbsp

Salt to taste
Adding salt to the pickle is a tricky job.A generous amount has to be added since salt helps to control the heat as well as acts as a preservative.So though it may seem much,let me give you an approximate amount.Start by adding ¼ cup of salt and then add more if necessary.

Water – to grind the masala


Wash the vegetables and wipe them dry with a kitchen towel and chop them into small pieces.
Juice the limes and then chop into small pieces.
Chop green chilly and ginger into small pieces.

In a mixer,add the red chillies and pulse for a while till they become powdery.
Add the mustard,salt and hing and add enough water to grind.
Pulse till it becomes a smooth paste[it should not be grainy]

In a big mixing bowl,add the chopped vegetables along with the green chilly,lime and ginger pieces.
Add the ground paste to the vegetables and mix well.
Mix in the lime juice and more water[only if required].
Do a taste test and check if it requires more salt,hing or lime juice.
Keep it covered overnight or at least for 5-6 hours for the flavors to seep in.
Pour into sterilized jars and keep refrigerated for longer shelf life.


  1. I adore pickles! They add life to everything it is eaten with. This one definitely is a keeper!

  2. Next time when you have both of them together call me also. I would love to eat the special dishes they are making too.
    Love the pickle, just looking at the firey red makes me drool.

  3. I just love this pickle. We call it mangloori nonche. When my mavshi/pachi visited me last year, she made me a batch of this pickle. yummo!! It doesnt' even have oil. Love it.

  4. Aha.. this is my favorite pickle aftter puddighalele. My mom was sweet enough to powder the red chilles and mustard and give it to me when she came to US. All I have to add is the vegetables. I sometimes add green peas..I love the crunch of cauliflower and tendule..yumm


  5. Pickles, with yogurt rice it is just heaven. Looks very tasty. Gosh, wish it was summer. I love avakkai and poondu pickle.

  6. Hey even my amma makes them the best nd she sends it over to in laws place...I love the cauliflower in tht esp... Just loved it...nd lucky u both where there together :)

  7. Love pickles anytime.. looks mouthwatering, divya.

  8. Pickles looks tempting and eye catching..seems u enjoyed their stay and had good foods eventhough with lots of calories...

  9. Hey wow!!.. nice to have such good times:) and yummy pickle:).. with all veggies:).. looks so tempting:)

  10. You wont Believe this divya!!!..My husband had this pickle in his moms place and wanted me to make it..(he loves pickles ONLY with crunchy I made the same asking my Ma in law, who had sent over some, got finished...) day defore yesterday I amde the same...with maa inji(where did you get raw mangoes from? ;))pavakka,carrots and garlic..very easy to make and tasty too na...Nice to know abt this name!!!This pickle should alwys be in stock in my home here after...:)coz all of us love this

  11. I am a fan of pickles. Love these kind of veggie pickles. Your recipe seems easy. Droolworth pics.

  12. Divya are you hosting any event??healthy snack or someone commented somewhere..!!?%^&...I culdnt see here any...or any other divyas?? :)

  13. I need to taste this one!! -Naina

  14. a nice twist for some boring vegetables

  15. lovely and spicy pickel...great colour

  16. Wonderful pickle I am waiting the mango season!

  17. Mouth watering,literally! Pickles spice up a meal anytime, makes even just curd rice for a meal a very appealing option!!

  18. I am pickle lover and urs looks just awesome so tempting, want to eat right now :))

  19. So tempting and spicy pickle...

  20. Gosh my mouth is watering, it looks gorgeous!!

  21. This is my first time here and I truly enjoyed your lovely blog:) Pickle is so mouthwatering:) yummy!

  22. lovely pickle which looks colurful and have a nice can drop in my blog and give ur valuable comments any time.


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