Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pineapple Pachadi/Madhura curry

After a long drive and some heavy duty unpacking,I’m back here in front of the laptop and cant wait to jump into the blogosphere to check what you guys have been posting since last two weeks.I did login once in a while but just hopped in and out.I hate to admit it,but I’m struggling to fill up this post.Till I cook up something new,I would post from my drafts and the first one screaming for attention is a sweet curry with Pineapple which I made twice last month.Once,during hubby’s birthday lunch and next during Vishu.For a change,hubby kept aside his dislike for sweet curries and polished off his share on his plate and gave his nod.

No prizes for guessing from where I got this recipe from.For those who came in late,this one’s from my collection of Vanitha magazine recipes[do I hear any yawns?].Very similar to the Konkani curry Anvas-Ambya sassam[pineapple-mango curry],this one’s a great accompaniment with rice along with some spicy curry or Sambhar.

Pineapple Madhura[Sweet] Curry


Pineapple – 1,medium sized
Ripe banana[Nendrapazham] – 1
Mango – 1[optional]
Salt to taste

Chilly powder – ½ tsp
Haldi – ¼ tsp
Sugar – 100gms[about a cup]

Mustard seeds – ¼ tsp
Grated coconut – ½ cup

Coconut oil – 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds – ¼ tsp
Curry leaves – 1 sprig


Peel and chop pineapple,banana and mango into small cubes.
Add just enough water and salt to taste and cook till the fruits become soft.
Add chilly powder and haldi and mix well.
Keep stirring till the water dries up.
Add sugar and mix well.
Grind grated coconut and mustard seeds to a paste and add to the boiling curry.
Prepare seasoning in a pan with coconut oil,splutter mustard seeds and add the curry leaves.
Add the seasoning to the curry and serve hot!


  1. Must say i have never had this, looks yumm.

  2. The pachadi looks very delicious Divya :) I love the addition of Nendrapazham. A must side dish in any sadya :)

  3. Thats so yumm...I love this dish. Thats really tempting me.

  4. Good to see you back.The curry is is definitely inviting and I too am a follower of Vanitha.

  5. Pachadi looks simple & delicious. Easy to make and sure to try.

  6. Ah..missed you a lottt here! Hey firstly VANITHA ki JAI! :D No jokes, it gives us such lovely do-able why not? I love ambe-avnasa surely my type of pachadi! :) Tks for sharing!

  7. Mmm yummy sweetest fruit delight..! Yummy divya..!

  8. i tried pachadi only with raw mango..this combination sounds good..and so delicious too..

  9. Welcome back..Not tried this combo pachadi.. Looks delicious..

  10. I've never cooked with pineapple, but I could surely eat a bowl of that :)

  11. Ah, I miss saansav.. in our home, I'm the only one willing to eat sweetened side dishes so it's a rare day when this gets made. Yours looks delish!


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