Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Karibeva Chutney ~ Curry leaves Podi/Powder

I have come across many people who swear by their cuisine and refuse to acknowledge any other types.I remember,during the initial days of our marriage,one of my hubby’s friends was here during lunchtime and when we asked him to join for lunch,he said ‘ah,Konkani food for lunch-my stomach would get upset.I need to have food our style[incidentally,he’s a Mallu:)].Its a completely different story altogether that he had lunch with us that day and many more days to come and got up with a clean plate everytime and still regarded Mallu food as ‘the best’ and ours a substandard one!!

Since me and hubby too share difference in our cuisine,it is a hot topic for a debate for us too[mock-debate,I assure;)].Now both of us have got used to the varied choices we have on both sides,but earlier it was a different story.While having the spiced powder-Thambale puddi once,hubby remarked that they had a similar powder-dry chutney which was truly heavenly and out of this world.Hearing the way he described it,I was determined to be biased even before having it,I didn’t want to have something which was more tasty[or so he claimed] than my favourite thambale puddi.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it looked quite similar in looks.I had a teeny weeny spoon of it and said it was good.I realized it wasn’t good,it was truly out of this world when I reached for it again and again,even after finishing my lunch:).A great accompaniment with rice and dali thoy,I bet you’ll fall in love with it!!

Karibeva Chutney ~ Curry leaves Powder


Dry coconut(Copra) – 1,grated
Dessicated coconut – 1 packet[200 gms]
Red chillies – 10
Tamarind – 1 channa size
Curry leaves – 12-15 sprigs
Salt to taste


Add all the ingredients to a thick bottomed kadai and roast till brown.
Powder in a mixer—Do not run the mixer for long or else the oil will ooze out(which will not affect the taste in any way)

OR Take the easier route-Microwave everything together in a MW safe bowl on high for 4 minutes or more[depending on your MW]-stirring once after every 1 minute,till brown and then grind to a powder[No prizes for guessing which method I chose:)]

Let it cool and store in an air tight container.


  1. My last comment was discarded ...lovely chutney wd try soon. (Got nostalgic wt mom's made karbeva-pallya chutney n loshney chutney which went well wt dali, pez!) TKs for sharing!

  2. i have tried that grand sweets karavaipuellai thokku..this one looks similar to that..looks yumm..sure would be a good accompaniment with curd rice too...

  3. Nice curry powder divya..have never made this before..will definately try this..thanks for sharing :)

  4. Hey Divya, the kothimbiri chutney is so fresh and tasty..I get the musings all the time...yep i am an amchigeli married to a mallu...but my guineapig eats and finishes everything ..the malluness comes rarely...but ya i get that too...i bet this is "Communism" - rampant in Kerala ...heehee

  5. Looks delicious. My husband and I have similar arguments in our home, I guess that makes me cook and try newer varieties.

  6. Ur podi has some moisture, is it oil? Very different curry podi!

  7. Timely recipe. Thanks for sharing. I am about to make this podi. Lovely presentation. Nice click too.

  8. i tried this n my hus loved it goes nicely with iddali...nice snap...thank u 4 sharing..

  9. Mmmmm flavoury podi! Will surely try out divya!

  10. Lovely chutney. We don't get whole lot of curry leaves here but I would love to try this if I do. looks great Divya, bookmarked!:)

    Have fun there, see you in June.

  11. Love this chutney.. mom usually make this and loshney chutney :) it comes handy during the lazy days when I am not in mood to cook

  12. this is so like our pitti chitni :)

    Lovely. And yeah... I have mixed parentage and S is Telugu... so our differences in food are many.

  13. lyum curry leaves powder, handy powder wehn we are not in a mood to cook.

  14. Different recipe! And nice click!!

  15. Divu, made this yuuuuuummmmmmmmy chutney yest! Must say..its IRRESISTABLE! I cdn't stop at that yum flavor which lingered on tongue! This is the best chutney with karbevu! My 4yr old too raised her eyebrows,widened her eyes n gave thumbs up..'Its very tasty amma!' :D What else do I need! THANKS to your MIL and U for sharing this wonderful treat!(My side I think the roasted khobrey is not ground, just other ing. powdered n mixed with grated khobrey.)Just had with Idli besides eating on its own! :D

  16. Karibevu carries loads of goodness in it. I love karibevu chutney too. You version in the pic looks yummy Divya :)

  17. Hey Divya...felt nostalgic..u reminded me of my mom's podi(we call it podi in tamil).Lovely one:)

  18. This is my favorite. Looks so good. YUM! I have not added coconut to this, will try it next time....


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