Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pineapple Pudding

I was always fascinated by names like Puddings,Souffles etc.We never made it at home because most of the times,it required use of eggs which were not used at my place.Even though we were pure vegetarians,we kids were allowed to have Pastrys and Cakes with eggs from outside.I always used to ask amma why she did not eat it and her reply would always be-you eat it,that's enough for me.I wondered how anyone can let go of such yummies.That is one main reason I was tempted to bake something eggless for my parents,which I did.They absolutely loved the Dates cake and I am constantly on the lookout for such recipes.

I tasted my first pudding at a friend's place.Her mom was an expert in making such yummies and when I had it I was bowled over.It was too tasty,even though it did have a tinge of eggy taste.It was a layered pudding with addition of fruits in between.Shall try to get that recipe from her somehow.Next one I liked was caramel custard,even though it was not exactly a pudding per se.Me and my cousin Swetha,loved to have Caramel custard from Abad Plaza,Ernakulam.We tried making it at home and it was a success,only thing,once again,it was too eggy,something which I had started to dislike.The ready made Caramel custard-Cremelle,was just fine though.

During my stay in Bangalore last week,my Vanni made this amazing Pineapple pudding which left everyone asking for more!! It is very easy,so easy that you really start wondering if it is too good to be true!!Though the pineapple slices brand which we used was not upto the mark.The pudding was over and was cleaned up with a last lick..!!Do try it if you want to make something exotic and which requires very less effort!!

Pineapple Pudding


Pineapple slices in syrup - 1 tin ( 450 gms)
Milkmaid - 1 tin (400 gms)
Amul Cream - 2 packs ( 200 ml each-total 400 ml)
Pineapple Jelly - 1 packet


Take a big bowl and transfer contents of the jelly packet into it.
Add 1 tbsp hot water and mix well.
Pour milkmaid,mix well.
Add cream,mix well.
Make small bite sized cubes of the pineapple and add to the mix.
Reserve the syrup and add it little by little till the mix becomes a creamy texture.
If you want you can add a tsp of pineapple essence too.
Pour into a serving dish and refrigerate in the fridge overnight or for 6-8 hours.
Pour into individual serving bowls and serve chilled.


  1. Pineapple pudding looks so good. Nice try. YUM!...

  2. Divya, thats new-to-me dessert! Tks for sharing!

  3. yummy pudding, divya! lovely recipe.

  4. pic looks very tempting divya

  5. This pudding looks so good Divya...& I love the line-up of ongredients; makes a difference to bloggers like me who often wonder which brand went in. I don't like eggy stuff too. You must try the panna cotta for your's a wonderful, delicious eggless Italian dessert. It's one of my favourites!

  6. Pineapple pudding looks creamy...
    shuuuu.... chu...

  7. Sukanya,Purnima,Uma,Sagari,Andhra flavours-thank you!!

    Deeba,thank you.I am gonna try panna-cotta recipes from your blog soon!!

  8. Hello There, Commercially available Jelly is completely non-vegetarian - the gelling agent is Gelating, which is either extracted from animal bones or the hooves of herbivores like Cows, horses, goats, buffoloes etc! The best way is to make you own jelly, with a mixture of Fruit Juice & Agar Agar, also called China Grass ( this is actually a seaweed extract)

  9. I am much impressed with your recipe and am yet to prepare it for this weekend.. By the way,while refrigerating the jelly, does it need to be kept in Freezer?

  10. Hey I had tried pineapple pudding recipe of yours last night.I have a doubt in it.I had kept the puddng for good 6-8 hrs and still it hasn't become completely solid.Any remedies you can suggest.Please...

    Thank You

    1. Hi Moby,the pudding would not become solid,the texture would be more jelly-like but flowing consistency.

  11. Hello divya,i have made your pineapple pudding,it tastes a little bit bitter.


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