Monday, May 5, 2008

Beans Pachadi

Ever since some of my non-blogging friends read about my post on Beetroot salad,they have been mailing me and asking me to be more careful about my health and the way I eat.I had great trouble convincing them that dieting,if done in the proper way can harm you in no way.Which brings us to another health food today.Making a salad out of our humble beans.Well,its not exactly a salad but it can be camouflaged to be one!!

Beans Pachadi


Beans - 200 gms,cut lengthwise into thin slices
White/Salad onion - 1,chopped finely(you can use normal onions too)
Grated coconut - 2 tbsp
Green,red chilly - 1 each,cut into two
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Oil - 1 tsp
Salt to taste


In a kadai,pour the oil and splutter mustard seeds in it.
Add the chillies and saute for a few seconds.
Add the beans,salt to taste and mix well.
Sprinkle water on it,close the lid and let it cook.
Beans should be just cooked enough,not very mushy.
In another pan,add the onions and grated coconut together and mix well with your hands.
Just before serving,mix the onion-coconut mix to the cooked beans.
Mix well and serve immediately.


  1. hi i used to eat this south indian meal inmy college,..u refreshed my college memories..looks tasty...

  2. I prepare this the same one..Healthy dish

  3. delicious recipe! looks great.

  4. i too make this, i just love it.. but i dint know it is also called pachadi :D

  5. Sounds a lot like the thoran that Keralites make. I made this yesterday.:-)

  6. hey this is like sukke right? I love beans sukke :) nice seeing such healthy foods:) hey by the way saw ur comment in orkut:) yeah felt its really addictive, so I quitted:)

  7. Divya, nice upkari!
    Some tips I learnt:
    1. Never close n cook upkari as bit of nutrition is lost - if cooked uncovered it cooks enough n has a crisp look around it.. try this uncovered method for once,if you may please,stir in between..
    2. Add salt towards the end of cooking, ie.just when u are about to put off, mix well n leave for a minute..salt mixes soon wt veggies..if added in initial stages, might make it watery and salt content might be more as veggies shrink...(hope u dont mind these tips..:D )

  8. Notyet100-thank you.Glad to have refreshed your college memories!!!

    Divya,please share your version too!!

    Uma,thank you.

    Anjali,so many names,but one tasty dish!!!

    Tbc,yes it is quite similar to thoran.

    Roopa,it is very similar to sukke.

    Purnima,thanks for your tips.Shall keep it in mind.


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