Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to Roast Red Chillies | Kitchen Basics

During my initial days of cooking,while writing down recipes given by my MIL,I always wondered about the ingredient - roasted red chillies.At home,amma added red chillies as is to the coconut and made masala.But most recipes from South Canara(Mangalore side) used chillies in the roasted form.

MIL always has a big container of roasted chillies ready to be added to make chutney or any coconut based masala required for most of the curries in our cuisine.Initially,I roasted the required amount of chillies and used but that was tedious.So I started doing this.It is not actually a recipe or such.Just a method to keep the chillies roasted and ready to be used.

I use a mix of regular red chillies and Byadgi chillies.It gives the required spice and a lovely colour to the curry.You could use either chillies or a mix of both like how I am doing.

In a kadai add a couple of Tbsp of coconut oil and 
roast the byadgi chillies for about 5 minutes.

Then mix in the regular chillies 
and roast further for 10-15 minutes.The chillies become crisp and break when you crush it.That is the stage when you should switch off the kadai and let it cool down completely.Store in an airtight container.

Here are some recipes which use the roasted red chillies

Kellya Koddel

Palak and Vegetables Ambat

Alambe Saung

Ambya Gojju

Karaate Saglen

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