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How to make Whipped Buttercream | Easy Frosting Recipes

Before I ventured into a cake decorating craze,I knew of only a few frostings.I kept going back to the basic ABC aka American Buttercream or a simple chocolate ganache.Though I liked the ease at which ABC could be made and the consistency as well,I was not entirely happy with the texture.Despite using fine icing sugar,sifting it a couple of times,I could taste the grainy feeling in my mouth after having a slice of cake.
Whipped Buttercream
My frosting 'guru',as I'd like to call her,directed me to this recipe by Veena's Art of Cakes.It is called a 'whipped buttercream' and uses a unique method of beating together icing sugar and cream and then adding butter at the final stage.I was intrigued at this amazing method and decided to try it out.However,the original recipe uses meringue powder as an added ingredient.

I was a bit apprehensive to try it out initially.But believe me,you absolutely cannot taste it in the final product.I believe it is added for that shiny texture in the buttercream which looks nice when you are piping flowers and the like.Once,I had to make an eggless cake for someone and couldn't use the meringue powder.I went ahead without the meringue powder and thankfully,it turned out as good without it.Ever since I've been making it eggless :)
Whipped Buttercream I have used this buttercream for frosting as well as filling.Though I'd suggest a different filling for a contrast in taste,however it is up to you.This recipe makes enough to frost an 8' round cake but that too depends on what decorating tip you are using.Rosette tip needs double as much whereas a star nozzle might require less.

Whipped Buttercream
Recipe source - Veena's Art of Cakes


Icing sugar - 4 cups,sifted
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Meringue powder - 1 tbsp (optional)
Fresh cream - 1/4 cup
Unsalted butter - 1 cup/200gms at room temperature
Vanilla extract - 1 tsp


Whipped Buttercream In the bowl of your electrical mixer,add approximately 1/3 of the icing sugar,salt and meringue powder(if you are using).Stir to combine.
Whipped Buttercream Now switch the mixer on low and slowly add in 1/2 of the cream.Let the mixer run on medium for about 5 minutes.The mixture will become light and sticky giving your buttercream a velvety texture later.Don't make haste with this step.Let it cream well.
Whipped Buttercream After 5 minutes start adding the rest of the sugar slowly.Continue to mix on medium.If the mixture appears too dry add a tbsp or two more cream.Be careful with the quantity,add cream only if the mix appears too dry.I stop when no flecks of sugar remain.Even if the mix is lumpy,it's fine.
Whipped Buttercream After about 3 minutes,start adding the butter into small batches making sure it is well incorporated.Add the vanilla.
Whipped Buttercream Once all the butter is in run the mixer on high for about 3-5 minutes or more until you have a creamy velvety texture and the buttercream does not taste grainy.
When you taste it,you should have a smooth velvety texture in your mouth with no trace of any sugar grain.

Variations - You can flavor the buttercream with your choice of extracts.Strawberry,Almond,Pineapple and so on.For a chocolate version,add cocoa powder along with the icing sugar.A couple of spoons of Nutella would taste great as well.
IMG_5783 Here's a cake I decorated using whipped buttercream.I used two different leaf tips for the top as well as the sides.I posted a query on the facebook page regarding a step by step for this one and thanks to all of you for the tremendous response.I will be putting up the tutorial shortly.


  1. I love whipped buttercream & it tastes yumm! Loved your cake decor.

  2. Hi Divya ,

    Could you please tell me about the stand mixer, from where you bought it and how much is it for. I am looking for something like it and not finding ?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Hey Sonal,I purchased it from Amazon(UK).Similar mixers are available in India-Kenwood,Black and Decker,Croma and so on.All are priced within 3k.

    2. Thanks Divya.. Even i had the same question in mind the moment i saw the photo.. i was so happy to c the stand mixer and thought of asking from where u got it..... and its reasonably priced too... not like a Kitchen Aid which is exhorbitantly priced @ 30K.. Thanks for all the useful info.. really look forward to your recipes and all... Bindu

  3. Vow.Thank you Divya. Wonderful recipe. Next cake will be with this cream.

  4. That was really a useful post for me....thanks . I have tried one such without any butter.


  5. Very helpful post.. thanks for sharing!

  6. Divya, how long does this frosting stay good, if refrigerated?

    1. If refrigerated in an airtight container,the frosting stays well for 4-6 days.You would have to thaw and then whip it up again before using.

  7. Divya,Can we make whipped cream using Amul Fresh cream

    1. Amul cream does not whip up to piping consistency very easily.Try any non-dairy cream for making whipped cream.

  8. Im bitten by cake deco craze too. But always worried by the quantity of sugar, that goes into the recipe. Can I reduce the sugar quantity in the recipe, will that still work?
    Thanks, Vanita

    1. I am not sure if the buttercream would be stable enough if you reduce the sugar!

  9. Hi,I liked your recipe, but wanted to ask you which butter is used in buttercream icing? Amul butter or home made white butter? Or any other? Please tell


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