Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good ol' Cold Coffee!

Remember my summer adventures with my brother in this post,where we used to whip up glasses of Tomato juice on our own?Well,I am adding this one to the list as well,as something which started out as a flop but as time flew by,we mastered the technique of making the best ever cold coffee[according to us,at least!]
Cold Coffee
To put it plain,cold coffee is just that- chilled milk+sugar+coffee+lots of ice.But many things can go wrong even when the recipe is as simple,well I am speaking from experience here;).Main thing is the coffee you use,I use instant coffee powder and it works well.When added in right proportions,filter coffee decoction can work well too.You add too much and the coffee will turn out bitter and ruin the effect,so add less first and do a taste test before adding further.

Cold Coffee


Sugar - 1 tbsp
Instant coffee powder - 1/2 tsp
Chilled milk - 1 cup
Hersheys Chocolate syrup - 1 tbsp(optional,but highly recommended)


Cold Coffee-step1 
Into a blender[or a shaker]add all the ingredients and blend/shake well till everything gets mixed and the coffee turns frothy.
Cold Coffee-step2 
Serve chilled.

Cold Coffee


  1. Just the right kind of stress remover that i was looking for in this summer.

  2. Def the best one which works for Beat the Heat !

  3. Great for the summer. I love coffee only this way!

  4. An all time favorite which is a great refresher.. To the soul as well :)

  5. Can you suggest any substitute for that chocolate syrup? M not getting it in the market here!! :(


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