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Homemade Potato Chips | Easy Snacks Recipes

Long back,we had a newly-wed couple over for dinner and amma had made an elaborate meal for them.They arrived at tea-time so were treated with an array of snacks with tea which included Aloo bonda and homemade Banana chips.After having a bite,the husband asked his wife about her culinary skills and she was a bit amused and said,please don't expect me to cook 'that'looking at the chips.All of us had a hearty laugh.
Potato Chips
Thinking back,I myself would not venture into making chips at home.Primarily because it is too much effort for something which is addictive and pretty much gets over sooner than the time it takes to make it and secondly because good quality chips are available in the market which we can buy when we fancy eating chips,which is very rarely.

But amma is amma and she will never settle for store-bought chips.So this time,she made some potato chips-just like that.I would have settled for Lays in the given time!All I had to do was to take pics as she peeled the potatoes,kept the oil for heating and got her 'chips machine' ready.Off it went straight into the hot oil and in less than 20 minutes,we had a batch of yummy homemade potato chips ready!

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Potato Chips
Homemade Potato Chips


Potato - 1 kg
Oil - 1/2 ltr ( we used coconut oil )
Red chilly powder - 2 tbsp
Salt - 1 tbsp
Hing/Asafetida - 1 tsp


Peel the potatoes.Wash and wipe them dry on a kitchen towel.
Potato Chips-step1 
Make a dry mix of red chilly powder,salt and hing/asafetida.
Potato Chips-step2 
In a kadai heat the oil to smoking point.
Using a chips machine slice the potatoes straight into the hot oil.Do not crowd the pan.
Stir lightly as the potatoes start to crisp up-will take anywhere between 5-7 minutes depending on the size of the pan and the temperature of the oil.
Potato Chips-step3 
When the potatoes become golden brown and the edges become crisp remove the chips using a slotted spoon draining off as much oil as possible.
Immediately add a tsp or so of the dry mix spice powder and shake the chips.Repeat with rest of the potatoes.
Store in an airtight container.

Potato Chips 
  • Maintain the temperature of the oil consistently for evenly fried chips.
  • If you do not have a chips machine,slice the potatoes as thinly as possible and fry-it might take longer to fry if the chips are not thin.
  • You can make a plain salted version too if you don't like adding chilly powder.


  1. Wanna have some right now!looks so crispy!

  2. Oh wow looks great Divya. I am also a huge fan of home made chips. Nothing can even come close to the aroma taste and the health factor. When you add the powder on top of the hot fried chips, I love the aroma of the hing when it hits the chips. YUM!

  3. Crispy and yummy chips. anything potato is my type

  4. i can finish the entire bowl Divya

  5. Looks divine!!! Nice presentation ;)

  6. lovely!
    we gujjus let the shredded chips dry in the sun for a day or two before frying it. one can even store these dried chips for future use.
    thank u for sharing this instant recipe.

  7. i just wanted to say thank you,, i have cooked many recipes from your blog,,regarding this chips,,when i make potato chips, the edges go crisp and brown but inside portion is still soft, even when the chips are sliced thin,,where do i go wrong,

  8. chip is soft in the middle not crispy.wats wrong

  9. Hi Divya,

    Your chips are awesome. The last pic with a bowl of fried ones are 100% the same as we get in stores. Tried with 1 big potato, mine turned soggy and a few turned dark brown.

    I need you clarify me on the foll points - pls.

    1) Can we use any oil or coconut oil alone is preferred?
    2) By smoking point do you mean, really very very hot?
    3) The flame shoukd be in sim, medium or very high throughout?
    4) Does peeling off the potato skin also helps the chips to be white in color? I too have the same wooden slicer.

    Thanks - Raji.

    1. Thanks for your feedback RajaLakshmi.

      1)At home,amma always uses coconut oil,hence I mentioned that in the recipe.You can,of course substitute it with any refined oil.
      2)Yes,smoking point is when the oil starts smoking.Only after you add the chips in should you start regulating the heat.
      3)The flame should be high to start with,then medium and the finishing stage should be sim.
      4)I've seen people making it without peeling the skin as well.So i'm guessing,yeah peeled chips might look slightly whiter than those which are not.

      Hope this helps :)

  10. Many thanks for your detailed reply. I shall definitely keep in mind all the points while I am preparing chips next time. Raji.

  11. I did this but chips turn Brown. Is there any potato type for make chips


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