Friday, September 7, 2012

Eden,Chennai | Restaurant Review

Eden will always be a very special restaurant to me.Not only because of the food but because,it was one of the first restaurants Ajay took me to after coming to Chennai.I still remember what I had that day.Despite him telling me that it was a vegetarian continental food restaurant,I'd ordered for a plate of Veg Pulao and Kadai Vegetables and couldn't understand what the big deal was.The food was awesome and we kept coming back to the place though what we ordered changed from time to time.

Last few years,our order has been exactly the same.So much so that the waiters smile when we place the order:).Posting here a few additional dishes we ordered when we were with friends.

We always start the meal with Corn on toast.Before you assume it is just curried corn over a piece of toast,let me interfere,it is much more than that.Soft and juicy corn kernels in a tomato-cream sauce spiked with green chillies served over toast,this one is a winner.Thanks to a dear friend who introduced this dish to us,what would we do without it!

We ordered this Cauliflower Fry last time as we were there with friends and wanted some kid-friendly snack as starter.Do not compare it with the usual Gobi Manchurian or Gobi 65 as this is simply a lightly spiced cauliflower fry with sauteed onions.

Eden,Chennai The menu is a mixed bag of dishes,they serve a variety of vegetarian continental dishes as well as a limited choice of North Indian and South Indian dishes.So you wouldn't get the regular Fried rice here but flavourful Vegatable Pulao which tastes great and can be had on its own.

Here comes our favorite dish Garden Style Vegetable Bake.I think I can have this dish everyday for the rest of my life,only I wouldn't live long if I had this daily;).Jokes apart,this is one of their signature dishes.Broccoli,Cauliflower,Carrot,Baby corn and Mushroom baked in a cheese sauce and served with toast.Just.too.good!

The finishing dish,Baby corn and Mushroom saute.Perfect rice and curry kind of a dish.Crunchy baby corns,juicy mushrooms,red peppers and onion rings in a spicy pepper sauce served on a bed of herb rice.

If you have space for dessert,don't forget to try their most popular "the last time I ever saw my waist".Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream with chocolate brownie,hot fudge sauce,chocolate chips,toasted nuts and whipped cream,it is a chocolate lovers dream.

A meal for two including a starter,main course and a dessert would cost about 700-900 INR.

Food - 9/10
Ambience - 7/10
Service - 9.5/10
Value for money - 8/10
No visit to Eden is complete without a Sweet pan from the guy downstairs(Besant Nagar).With a smiling face,he makes you a pan upon request.His Kulfis taste awesome too!

Eden is at 
  • E-37, 2nd AvenueBesant Nagar.Ph # 044 24463777,24460777
  • Harrisons Hotel,315,Valluvar Kottam High road,Nungambakkam.Ph # 044 42222777,42222778
  • 7,Ground floor,Asha Manor Complex,3rd Avenue,Anna Nagar.Ph # 26221010
Disclaimer - This is not a paid review.


  1. Thanks for reviewing this restaurant.Would be in Chennai next week. Must try it out then.

  2. looks good and affordable :-)
    will make a visit to the restaurant next time :-)


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  3. One of my fav restaurent too!!! Have you tried their veg clear soup, vegetable shaslik... and the best of all "the last time i ever saw my waist" icecream. Yes.. its the name of the icecream on their menu! Tell me if you didnt like it!

  4. If you ever get the recipe of that Baby corn suate do post...Its absolutely delicious..I've enjoyed it everytime I eat there.


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