Sunday, February 19, 2012

Have you seen this?

I was amused to see some swanky kitchen stuff for making food in bulk.Here's a look.
Have you seen the -

Dosa Machine

or how about some vadas in a Vada Machine

or maybe you are in a mood to have some chapathis?

But nothing beats hand-made stuff.Like these Boondhi Laddoos which gets done in a jiffy(Of course when made by master cooks!)


  1. Ahh ... I have not seen any but one - the one in second pic has appeared on TV .. they are doughnuts and it is a doughnut making machine :)

  2. Its absolutely amazing and thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey this is lovely. May be i should invest in the chappti maker.

  4. yeah, i saw the 1st video on facebook a while ago.. it totally surprised me too! :)


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