Friday, September 23, 2011

I Love your Blog ~ Amanda's I am baker

If you love baking or you love reading baking blogs,you shouldn't miss Amanda's blog.I discovered I am Baker sometime back and I am hooked to it.Amanda is a mother of four and churns out baking goodies one after the other,not only for her family,but for her friends and acquaintances as well-how sweet is that!

Amanda is a pro in Cake decorating,still she challenges herself from time to time by decorating different cakes using the same icing tip.Check this out-

Wilton grass tip for 3 different Cakes

Cake by the Numbers

She also posts detailed tutorials for beginner cake decorators with step by step pictures.

Lilac Cake Tutorial

Rose Cake Tutorial

Rose Cookie Tutorial

Vertical Layer Cake Tutorial

Have you ever seen a cake with 25 layers?Amanda thinks she's crazy to attempt something like this but someone who struggles with even 2-3 layers,I feel it isn't crazy from any angle.It is sheer determination.Check out her 25 layered July 4th Cake.

When she had a baby boy,she made these cookies to celebrate and share it with her family,friends and hospital staff.

It's a Boy Cookies

Check out how she used one cake mix to make 6 different cakes in jars for a deserving family who had just had their first baby.

Her Mother's day cake almost had me teary eyed,which mother wouldn't like to have a cake like this?

Last but not the least,here is a Homemade Cake recipe mix which she uses for most of her cakes.
Homemade White Cake mix

*All pictures published with the bloggers permission.


  1. beautiful guest post and delicious looking beautiful cakes

  2. I really like Amanda's blog too, but have not browsed extensively. I love what you have picked from there!

  3. Lovely blog! Thanks for introducing such a wonderful baker...

  4. thankyou for posting dis

    the roses are superb.... yummy cakes so sweet of her to gift such goodies to the hospital staff.

  5. I love Amanda's blog too, the rose cake is my favorite and have it bookmarked. She is amazing!

  6. I love reading about bakes and everythng and thanks so much for sharing such a nice page with all of us.

  7. Thank you for introducing such a nice site. Just now checked out here site. My God her space is a real treat for the eyes.

  8. Wow wat a fabulous post, stunning cakes..

  9. thanks for this post...very informative...the decorations are stunning!!

  10. Wow wat a fabulous post, stunning cakes..

  11. Wow, me too a HUGE Amanda fan.. I totally love love love the rose cake.. was planning on making a similar one for my daughter's birthday..

  12. Wow.. delicious looking cakes.. must check Amanda's blog as well.. Thanks for introducing her..

  13. Great blog, Amanda's and yours too.

    I bake but I suck at decorating cakes. Truth is I've never really given it a serious shot. Looking at these pictures, I'm so motivated to give it a shot.

  14. Wow, I had somehow never bumped into Amanda's site. Thanks for sharing. It's a treasure trove for bakers.

    And if I am to start a 'I love your blog' series, yours and Ria's would top the list! Most bakes I have acquired in my kitty are from both your blogs.


  15. I had been wandering in this post a couple of days back, though I dint comment ;)

    I havent been to her blog and its absolutely wonderful that you introduced her to us thru your space! So nice of you, divya :)
    good question about cleaning counter after the paratha circus ;)..
    believe me the whole thing was tiring than a 10 km speed walk on treadmill..
    I prepared the veech paratha and the shooting section too the same day and got shocked to see the oil and flour smeared lenses..
    rested for the next two days :P

  16. i am totally addicted to her site too, it's brilliant!

  17. Love the way u introduce diff blogs in your post which inspires u........loved Amanda's blog just awestruck............Love ur blog as well


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