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Eggless Apple Banana Muffins

Till sometime back,I didn't know what made Muffins different from Cupcakes.Ignorant me thought both were the same and they probably differed only in sizes.Here,cupcakes are sold unfrosted and many shops showcase muffins the size of a doughnut,so you cannot blame me!

Only after I started baking and looked through several recipes I realized the difference.So if there are still people like me[I doubt!]who think muffins and cupcakes are similar,here is the real deal--"Cupcakes are small cup-sized cakes,often frosted with buttercream or whipped cream whereas Muffins are small versions of quick-breads which are fruit-based and often had as breakfast".
Having had plain cupcakes all my life,I honestly do not find any major difference between both.But yes,upon close watch you can make out a difference in texture.Cupcakes are soft and fluffy and muffins are often dense and chewy.

Well,enough cupcake-muffin talk,let's head straight to the recipe.The Sweet Punch time is here again and this month we bake Muffins.Ria chose this Strawberry-Banana Muffins from Joy of Baking but since Strawberry season is long gone here,I decided to substitute it with Apples.Worked just fine and I felt it tasted very similar to Dorie's Apple-nut Muffin cake[which apparently is a muffin recipe which Dorie converted into a cake!].
Apple-Banana Muffin


Butter - 1/4 cup
Egg - 1[I did not add egg]
Vanilla - 1 tsp
Bananas - 2,ripe
Apple - 1 cup,chopped
Flour - 1 1/8 cup
Brown Sugar - 1/3 cup+1 tbsp
Baking powder - 3/4 tsp
Baking soda - 1/4 tsp
Cinnamon - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1/4 tsp


Preheat oven to 180C.Grease/line a muffin tray.
Melt the butter and keep aside to cool.
Mash the bananas with a fork and mix in the sugar and vanilla and beat till the sugar blends well into it.Add the melted and cooled butter and give a good whisk.
Mix together flour,baking powder,baking soda,cinnamon,apple and salt.Mix the  flour mix into the wet ingredients with a spatula and fold it in just until combined.
Pour the batter into the prepared muffin cups and bake for 20-22 minutes or till the muffins have risen and become golden brown and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
Dust with powdered vanilla sugar and serve.


  • I halved the original recipe and got 7 muffins.
  • The batter is quite thick[not a pouring one],so if you find the muffins browning too much on top,cover the pan with a buttered foil paper to prevent overbrowning.
  • The original recipe calls for eggs,but I substituted it with a banana.
  • I drizzled the muffins with some Strawberry crush for some extra punch and should say the pairing worked well!

On another note,Easycooking got featured on Deccan Chronicle Kochi edition on August 5th.I was happy and overjoyed to say the least.I would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you whose support and encouragement made this feat possible.Thank you!!


  1. Decadent looking muffins! Making it eggless is sure to be bookmarked by me.

    Congrats on being featured. I am sure it calls for celebration at home. All must be proud of you. Infact it's nice that Indian bloggers are getting noticed now. keep going!

  2. I'm visiting after some time and I like the whole appearance of your space.Next, I have voted. Third, thanks for sharing the difference. I thought of asking you earlier. Finally the muffins look great which I'm going to try out soon. So thanks for sharing.

  3. COngrats for ur appearance in paper...n I agree wid d differences in cup cakes n muffins,u made a good effort to explain the difference in easy terms...
    and those muffins superb n nice..ideal brkfast!!
    and a small question...are those liners made out of silicon? if it is whr did u get them dear?

  4. Congrats on ur mention in DC. Those muffins look so yummy and soft

  5. Wow apple and banana is such a nice combination...fluffy looking muffins

  6. Congrats on the news article! Love muffins of any kind and these are eggless, so even better for me! :-)

  7. Gorgeous muffins...
    Congratulations on the feature! Wish you many more :)

  8. Congrats on being featured Divya. Keep going and Muffins looks truly delicious...

  9. Such a wonderful combination n congrats for your entry in DC rock on!!!

  10. Wonderful combination to enjoy :) I have had either apple cakes or banana cakes, this is super good combination of both :) Would love it I guess :)

  11. I had thought so too until a while ago:-))The muffins look so good!

    Congrats on being featured! Well deserved!!!

  12. Lovely muffins the flavors!! Congrats for the mention in the paper!!

  13. Congrats on being featured in DC. Cool muffins too.

  14. Good to c ur beautiful space..Happy Friendship Day and Congrats for being featured in newspapers.Keep Rocking.

  15. Congrats...

    The Muffins looks so tempting .Thanks for sharing...

  16. Congrats Divya !!!
    joy doubles bcoz I know You. U were my juniour in college.
    feeling so proud of u!!!
    i checked out all the snaps of ur blog blogger meet and other snaps .
    Yes I know u Divya
    U rock !!!
    and am awaiting for ur cookbook
    great going dear

    by the way I would like to buy some basic bakeware (samsung MW with convection). please suggest me a good shop in chennai
    my hubs would be in chennai tomoorow.
    does rathna stores in T nagar stock up these?
    I need a silicon bundt pan too
    please suggest me a good shop near adayar.
    i heard that there is a shop next to padma theatre in ekm who sells bakeware
    where exactly are they located and whats the name of the shop
    sorry my for a lengthy post
    he would be saying in adayar

  17. Love the very first picture - sexy looking muffin!

    Congrats to you and Ria for making the headlines! well deserved!

  18. Congrats for being featured in DC, way to go! :)

    And the muffins look great,perfect for me to try :)

  19. congrats divya. and thanks for clarifying the diff bet cup cake and muffin.Muffins with fruits , a best way to make kids eat fruits

  20. Perfect, yummilicious muffins!! And congrats on being featured on Deccan Chronicle!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  21. Muffins look nice & chewy and thanks for throwing light on the differences between cupcake and muffins. Big congrats on newspaper mention ! Truly deserved.

  22. Wow yummy muffins :)
    Congrats divya...keep rocking :)

  23. Muffins look so delectable.Congrats on your feature in DC

  24. good to see you featured!!!!!

    First time to your space, I'm loving it. No doubt i'm following your blog.
    I will be very Delighited to find you in my followers list.
    Good Food Recipes
    Food Blog News

  25. Superb looking muffins...When I started baking...I got some cupcake liners...I had a book which had a muffin recipe and pics...I immediately started making it thinking that muffin was the other name of cupcake...:)...
    The batter was too stiff...i sensed something wrong...then the outcome was different..I was new to US as well as muffins...Then my hubby came and cleared my doubt by saying that those are two different he had once bought it from shop thinking cupcake...:)..
    So I am joining your group..

    Congrats on being featured...keep rocking..

  26. The muffins looks superb and mouth watering dear.

    Congrats on the accomplishment, loved reading about it :)

  27. wow, congras Divya on getting featured. Had I known earlier, I would have definitely tried meeting up with you in Kochi. my parents live there. It would have been absolutely amazing to meet a passionate food blogger like you.

    The muffins look scrumptious!

  28. Muffins looks yummy....Even I didn't know the difference btw muffins and cupcakes:-( Thanks for explaining.Congrats on being featured.

  29. Hey - I made these and it came out great - thanks for the recipe!


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