Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cremelle ~ Instant Caramel Custard-Product review

Do you like Caramel Custard?I used to love it but these days cannot eat it to my heart's content  because of the strong eggy smell,seems like my taste buds have changed over time.I searched a lot for eggless Caramel custard recipes but I was told the texture of the custard is difficult to achieve if no eggs are added.I came across this instant Custard mix which gives a perfect result,without eggs.

Cremelle is a product by Weikfield and is an instant Caramel Custard mix.While the traditional custard recipe requires a mixing-steaming-cooling process and the caramel part,this one gets done in less than 10 minutes from start to finish.
Cremelle comes with an Instant mix Custard powder and a ready-made Caramel syrup which you just need to pour into one big bowl or 4-5 small ramekins or dessert bowls.Boil 500ml milk with the custard powder mix provided till the milk boils.Cook for another minute stirring continuously and then switch off the flame.Let it cool for another 5 minutes and then pour into the bowl/bowls into which the caramel syrup has been poured.Keep in the fridge to cool and then invert and serve.
Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage
Only disadvantage I find with this is the Caramel part.First thing,it is not enough for 4-5 bowls,since I like the custard to be in caramel syrup and not just a caramel coating.Sometimes,the caramel has a faint smell and is a deep black color.Times when I am in a good mood,I prepare caramel myself and use only the custard part,which gives me Golden colored caramel and the custard looks [and tastes] great!

I've been using this to make Caramel Custard for years now and love it that each and every time I get the same taste and texture,but without the egg smell[and the eggs!]

Disclaimer-Cremelle has not paid me for this review.I've been using this product for some time now and just thought I'd share this with you!


  1. I love this product too and have been getting it every time I go for grocery shopping. Yumm and simple :)

    Have you tried the strawberry version of it??? Its yumm too :)

  2. ha ha I do this divya..its just a time saver and can make when unplanned n my guests always get impressed wid it though my effort was minimal.:)

  3. Super delicious caramel custard, gorgeous and irresistible..

  4. wow, the mix sounds good. I love this one, but will check on caramel quantity. May be need to make extra at home.

  5. deliciously done love these instant desserts

  6. Thanks a lot Divya
    me too simply love CC
    but what to say. strong eggy smell prevents me eating it.
    thank u for posting this. I ve eseen this one amny a times in the stores. but never dared to try it. thinking that I ve to add eggs in it.
    am gonna buy this for sure and try it and let u know.
    by the way I trie dur coconut ladoo.
    sadly it did nt reach a kneadable form. so me added a bit of roasted maida.
    result was awesome. and we simply relished
    saddest part is it got over in few minutes time.
    so am gonna try this caramelle for sure.
    pplease suggest me some easy to make sweets .would love to try it .

  7. I havent tried this cremelle...taking ur words will try it out next time

  8. I guess a lot of us get put off with the eggy smell inspite of it being a wonderful dessert.

  9. even i tried this out very recently and we all liked it and i also felt that the caramel was so not sufficient

  10. I have been eating this for 8 years now :-)

  11. Simply delicious and lovely caramel custard !!

  12. very nice post .. Thanks for sharing the recipe ...... glad to follow u ...

  13. I have to admit that I've never tried this ready mix. It looks really good, Divya. This is one of my comfort dessert :D

  14. Looks awesome,mouthwatering here..

  15. I first thought this is also egg custard... Amazing that its eggless!! Love the texture,I always make in a runny side and never thought can set like this..


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