Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kadi/Khadi aka 5 cup Barfi

Not to be mistaken for the Punjabi Kadi or the Malayalam Kadi[a bite] or the Tamil Kadi[a silly joke],this one is a typical Konkani sweet which is often the star during weddings and festivals occupying a prime position in the sweet boxes shared around.Recently,when my parents and brothers came visiting,my sis-in-law Radhika got this especially for me.

I've said this before,she is an excellent cook and cooks up variety of dishes within minutes.Though I've been cooking for a while now,I am always confused as to 'what to cook'.She is someone who just decides what to cook and finishes cooking before even I finalize my list,yes,that fast!!

I remember cooking a similar sweet-Coconut Barfi during my schooldays.One of the first dishes I ever cooked,it used to make me feel so happy to do it all by myself and I always insisted I did the whole work from start to finish-from scraping the coconut to the setting the barfi.With a little practice,the Khadi can be perfected too.Few ingredients,foolproof method and you have a lovely sweet ready to be eaten..and shared.

Kadi/Khadi - 5 Cups Barfi
Recipe Source - Radhika,my sis-in-law


Besan/Chickpea flour - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 cup
Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - 2 cups
Cashewnuts - a handful,chopped finely,optional


In a saucepan,mix together warm milk and sugar-reserve.
In a thick bottomed kadai add ghee and roast besan for a few minutes until a nice aroma comes,approximately 2-3 minutes--be careful not to let it brown.
Now add the milk-sugar mix and the nuts and keep stirring.
Keep the gas flame on simmer and stir the barfi in continuous intervals taking care as to not to burn. 
After about 20 minutes,the barfi will start leaving the sides of the pan and would be ready to set.
Meanwhile grease a plate with ghee and pour the barfi mix into the plate.
When the barfi becomes half set,make markings on it using a knife which would make it easier to cut.
When completely cool,cut into squares.
Keeps well while stored in air tight containers.


  1. New to me...we make 7 cup burfi...this one sounds gud too....

  2. looks so perfect and delicious.

  3. I too make this recipe.. looks very tempting and delicious :)

  4. the burfis look very tempting and delicious.Let me grab some quickly and have a bite.

  5. the burfis look very tempting and delicious.Let me grab some quickly and have a bite.

  6. Lovely looking Burfis. I have book marked.

  7. Droolworthy barfi, looks planning to make them may be this time for diwali..

  8. I have seen 7 cup barfi somewhere...5 cup is new to me. They look perfect. Each slice is so neat!

  9. Perfect and it!!

  10. Nice - now correct me if I am wrong, is there a 3 cup barfi, or is that me just getting way too lazy ;-).
    I did have a LOl moment when you were explaining the list vs cooking in your post, I am the same way, by the time I actually decide what to cook, my mom has finished three dishes already =)

  11. Looks great! I have made 7 cup burfi quite often. Never tried this. 7 cup burfi looks exactly like this.

  12. wow, lovely ingredients and mouth watering pic.

  13. i cannot tell you how happy i was to see this recipe from you. My husband is a BIG fan of these khadi's and i've been on the hunt for the recipe for years now. i tried a number of recipes but the outcome was never the same. this is just so perfect,i remember we would always wait for the sweet packet which came at the end of the wedding lunch.i wonder if the tradition still continues... thank you very much for this recipe and a wonderful blog.i visit your blog every single day...luv it..:)Best wishes.

  14. I've never heard of 5 or 7 cup barfi, but it looks delicious!! Wish I had some :)

  15. I've never heard of 5 or 7 cup barfi, but it looks delicious!! Wish I had some :)

  16. ...follow me button doesn't work.
    I will comeback!
    See you l

  17. Divya....this kadi recipe is really wonderful....i tried it out today and both my husband and son loved it.....i visit ur blog regularly and have tried out many recipes...thanks so much for all ur easy recipes that make cooking luk so simple and interesting....thank you so much again....:) :) :) :)


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