Monday, June 14, 2010

Of Blogger Meets,Template Change,Recipe Index and a Looooong Break!!

I am sure you must have noticed the new look of my blog,so I'll start with that.I started blogging without a clue of what it is and html code sounded so Greek to me then[still it is:)].I had chosen a random template that Blogger provided and was quite happy with it too.Then,my Vanni suggested my blog should be a bit more colourful and then started my search for a template which was easy to use and looked quite good too.

As usual,I depended on Google God and got a decent looking 3 column template which I thought looked cool[then].I literally struggled copying all the code,widgets,pictures etc and transferring it to the new template and swore I'll stick with the same template,no matter what!

I was actually getting bored of seeing the same page again and again and when I posted a message on Facebook regarding template changes,I got lot of feedback saying the old one looked quite dull and I should choose something which was vibrant and clutter-free.

I chose the easier option this time.I went with the new feature that blogger has come up with and it is a much much easier process.Check your Blogger Dashboard for a tab named Design and follow the instructions and you could change the template without the headache of code-copying and widget transferring etc.

Blogger-meet in Chennai- Again thanks to Facebook,I happened to read a status message posted by Nithya calling for bloggers to meet up at a restaurant in Chennai.I had never met a blogger in person and badly wanted to,so I sent a message saying I was joining too.It was a wonderful afternoon,made more chirpy by Priya's lovely kid who made up for her[Priya's] quiet nature.I met Shanthi aunty too who was so lively and enthusiastic.Srivalli came in and went like a breeze and I was so happy to see her after all our plans to meet up failed:) and Nithya,an adorable girl who came with her SLR and kept taking wonderful pics,of all of us and the food.You could check any of our Fb profiles for the pictures taken during the meet!!

Recipe Index - I finally FINALLY compiled all my recipes in one place.Something that I had been meaning to do for so so long.It was a tough job alright but I am a very happy girl now!!

A big FAT break - As many of you already know,I am taking a long break for a month or so.I am going to Kerala to attend and be a part of my brothers' engagement and wedding functions.Both of my brothers are getting engaged and married in a span of one month and you could imagine all the hustle and bustle going on at home!I am thrilled for them and my parents who are looking forward to two adorable daoughters-in-law!

I hope all of you have a great time.See you in July!!


  1. Blog look is clean and wonderful, it's scary for me to change anything HTML too! :D

    Nice to know about the bloggers meet, will check out FBs for pics. Have a wonderful break. I will be off too this week and will be back in mid July or so. Have fun in Kerala, hugs.

  2. Saw many beautiful clicks of ur blogger meet, really missing everything, enjoy ur break and come back with a bang..

  3. I love the new look of your blog!

    Have fun back home and enjoy both the weddings! Will be waiting for your delicious recipes :-)

  4. Blog template looks wonderful.Have a wonderful vacation.

  5. Have wonderful time in your brother's wedding.. And come back dear !!!

  6. Wow Divya, first of all, the template does look good and I would try to jump on to your FB pages to see the pics of your meet. That must have been lovely. I would love to do that, i mean to meet all wonderful bloggers that we visit everyday in virtual world.

    Enjoy your vacation and dual marriages that you are looking forward to.

  7. Divya, I hope you have a real good time back home, eat a lot of mal food for me, please :)

    I love the new look of your blog and I am off to check your recipe index,now.

    Btw, I am GREEN with envy about the blogger meet. I hope we can meet up the next time I am back in India :)

  8. New template looks fresh and nice. Have a wonderful time with family.. Weddings and engagements are always so much fun.. Take care..

  9. Wow.. two marriages in a month..That calls for lot of preprations and celebratiosn. Enjoooy.

  10. WOW..for everything here! Bloggers meet, New lovely template, the enjoyable vacation wt two weddings on hand! Just awesome...way to go! Divu..have a fun time with ur near ones! Don't forget to post pics n stories on blog on return!

  11. Loved the new look of your blog ! Sounds like you had a good bloggers meet in Chennai, enjoy your break and have fun !

  12. Happy Holidaying and enjoy all the wedding festivities.

  13. Wow 2 weddings, cool have fun! Enjoy ur break and I will be on break too :)

  14. enjoy urself..btw love the new look...

  15. YOur blog looks realy, good, Divya. Am coming back after a long time.
    Great to hear about the meet. Always fun to meet fellow foodies. About time we met too. :)

    Have a wonderful break and enjoy playing SIL at the weddings.

  16. As I said this new template looks very neat and lovely Divya, it was wonderful meeting you. I just saw your bro's engagement pictures, they are beautiful..Congrats again for becoming a sis-in law..:))

  17. Nice look!!!The bloggers meet-great idea and I too have been wanting to meet bloggers and when it didn't see it happen due to my schedule I just call and catch up with them..Enjoy your break and come back soon as we are waiting here for ur yumm recipes.

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  19. That is definitely a neat looking template change dear. :)

    And the memories of the bloggers meet is so evergreen for me. Keep looking out for one more pretty soon. With more ppl coming up this time. :)

    Ufff.. I know how tough a task it is to get an index done. Well done :)

    Its a well deserving break and you should thoroughly enjoy it with you family. I saw the pics in FB and really happy for you family. have fun :)

  20. Enjoy your break and your bro's wedding funcs too :)

  21. Lovely to be here, good recipes and great clicks. Following you to keep in touch.

  22. Great new template, Divya!! The blogger's meet sounds like it was great fun! Have fun at the weddings :)


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