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Christmas Fruit Cake ~ Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas..the season of joy and happiness.Though we don’t celebrate Xmas,we are definitely a part of the festivities that come with it.Gifting of Cakes,sending Xmas greetings and special gifts for Chris-mom and Chris-child.Yup,the school I went to had this wonderful tradition of choosing a random friend from a chit out of a box which contained the names of all the students in the class.No one revealed who their Xmas friends were.Secret searches would begin as to what that person was interested in and what that person would like.The joy on someone’s face when you gift them something which they like is immense.

Fruit cakes are synonymous with Xmas and no gift is complete without the signature Plum cake.As I have mentioned earlier,I made my first Christmas Fruit cake last year following Mishmash’s recipe.I loved the taste but wondered if I would take that extra trouble this year too when all around bakeries and hotels sell it like hot cakes[pun intended:)].

But as they say,there is something special when you make it on your own.

I soaked the fruits and nuts about 3 weeks back and baked it yesterday so that by Xmas we’d get a matured-in-taste fruit cake.I got 2 cakes with the recipe and one is almost over.With a lovely golden caramel colour,just the right sweetness and the taste of fruits and nuts in each bite,this recipe is a keeper.I don’t think I’ll wait for Xmas to make this again.

Thank you so much Arundhati for this million-dollar recipe:):)

Christmas Fruit Cake


Flour – 2 cups
Baking Powder – ½ tsp
Dry Fruits – 1 cup (figs, apricots, dates, raisins, currants and sultanas), chopped
Candied Peel – ¼ cup
Tutti Fruity – ¼ cup
Mixed Nuts – ½ cup(Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds), chopped
Dark Rum – 1 cup (optional - you could use 2 tbsp Lime Juice to soak the dry fruits)
Light Brown Sugar – 1 ¼ cup
Eggs - 4
Oil – ¾ cup[I used 175 gms butter]
Cloves - 3
Cinnamon Powder – 1 tsp

For the Caramel

Sugar – ½ cup
Boiling Hot Water – ¾ cup


Soak the dry fruits, candied peel and tutti fruiti along with the cinnamon powder and cloves in 2/3 cup rum for anywhere between 24 hours and 1 year. (I soaked them for 3 weeks.) Do remember to remove the cloves before using the fruits.

When you are ready to bake the cake, start by making the caramel. In a heavy bottomed pan, place the ½ cup of sugar and heat slowly. The sugar will begin to melt. Stir this mixture with a spoon slowly as the caramel forms. When all the sugar crystals have melted, slowly add the boiling water and stir to form a smooth mixture. Cool this completely.

Sift the flour along with the baking powder. In a mixing bowl, add the oil/butter, eggs and brown sugar and beat well. To this, add the flour mixture, the fruits and the nuts by turns. Whisk well and then add the cooled caramel.[I added the caramel along with the fruits and nuts]

Grease and line two 8 inch baking tins and divide the batter between the two. (I used a Christmas tree shaped tin and an 8 inch square tin.) Bake at 190 C/375 F for about 50 minutes.

When baked, make small slits in each cake and pour the remaining rum over them. While this cake is delicious straight out of the oven, try storing it for a week before consuming it. (To do this, wrap the cake in foil and then cover it with cling film.) This cake ages beautifully.

One of the best tasting Fruit cakes,there are a few things which attracted me towards this recipe.
--No fancy ingredients-eg:almond/rum essence,dry ginger,orange/lemon zest,spice powder etc--even without all this the cake tasted fantastic.
--The ease of making it--just like any cake recipe.Mix-beat-bake.
--No need to take special care while mixing in the fruits and nuts into the batter[no need to dust the fruits with flour].Even otherwise,the fruits gets distributed evenly and in each slice you'll get a bite of the fruits and nuts.
--Addition of eggs as a whole--somehow,seperating the eggs and beating the egg whites till peak stage and folding it in scares me off a recipe!!

I will be baking this cake again and again for sure.Try this out and you'll know why!!

Christmas Fruit Cake is off to Divya of Dilse,for her event - Show me your Cake!!

and to

Priyanka of Asankhana for Its time to Jingle again..


  1. Wow fabulous cake..Happy X-mas dear....

  2. So we are 'X'mas tree-shaped baking tin' pals :) LOL!

    Loved the colour of your cake. I bet it tasted delicious!

  3. Looks Perfect Divya, can't wait to try this one out!

  4. Simply adorable cake.. looks yummm :)

  5. This is a lovely recipe..i baked one a few days back and it turned out great!.. i have some more soaked tutti frutties and am looking forward to baking a cake just before cristmas..Merry christmas to you!

  6. The cake looks lovely Divya. Thanks for the lovely post. :)

  7. Beatifully baked cake... Very tempting clicks...

  8. Such a beautiful cake Divya, loved ur presentation...

  9. wow..its looks great...i love christmas cakes ....but have never ventured to make my this one esp its shape!

  10. I was waiting to see how this cake will turn out dear..looks very delicious and perfect wid loads of fruits...

  11. Wow....... it luks gorgeous..... :) Hats off divya.... Loved the way u presented it... M sure u r gona send me some ;P

  12. Wow....... it luks gorgeous..... :) Hats off divya.... Loved the way u presented it... M sure u r gona send me some ;P

  13. Looks perfect & yum. Loved the cake shape.

  14. cakes look perfect for the festival,..lovey presentation too,..will be glad if u send this for jingle event,..:-)

  15. That is a lovely Xmas tree shape cake! Perfect for the holidays!

  16. How festive! Looks amazing!
    Did u soak the fruit, nuts etc in rum and leave it outside or refrigerated?

  17. Fabulous cake and perfect with so many fruits and dry fruits. happy x'mas.

  18. Looks delicious, I like the way its presented...merry xmas!

  19. That's an awesome cake, Merry Christmas to u.

  20. Pretty looking cake Divya. Am baking the same recipe from Raaga tomo. Keeping my fingers crossed. You could send this to Show Me Your Cake event being hosted in my blog if you wish.

  21. Yummy cake...
    Wishing u a Merry Christmas

  22. Merry Christmas to you and absolutely luv that christmas fruit cake..

  23. Hi Divya,

    Love to share an award with u . Kindly accept it

  24. Looks delicous Divya. Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays and a new year ahead!

  25. Lovely cake, Divya. I made it today..though didn't soak the dried fruits for weeks, soaked it in OJ for 24 hours and used amaretto instead of rum. Tasted real good.. last year made it from Cham's recipe and this year this one.. thanks muchos, dear!


  26. Hi Divya,

    Your cake looks amazing. I liked the creative way of Christmas tree shaped cake, quite creative. I will make Fruit cake sometime soon.

    Happy Holidays!

  27. Hmm... yummy i loved the recipe and the method of baking. and i will surely try this weekend at my end. and surely give you the feedback. I hope my son likes it as he is very found of cakes and that too fruit cakes.

    Thanks for Sharing,
    Cake Shop Mumbai

  28. hi divya,
    the cake looks fab....gonna bake it
    just wanted 2 ask u,wats the measement of 1 cup u use?128gm or 236gm?

  29. Hi Divya,the cake came out very well.i have just removed it out of the oven.the whole house is smelling of the cake and I am feeling soooo happy.Thankyou so much and God Bless.


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