Monday, November 16, 2009

Deluxe [Classic] Brownies!!

I’ve often wondered how I crave for stuff when its shown on tv,like the Maggi noodles ad.Yesterday,I almost got up instantly from the sofa to make myself a hot bowl of maggi when I saw the boy licking his bowl clean in the ad.Few days back,while watching Notting Hill,in the scene where they have dinner together and fight for the last brownie,I was drooling and wanted to have it for myself.I wondered why I haven’t made a brownie in ages.Leave alone bake,I can’t remember the last time I had a brownie.

To be frank,I expect my brownie to be chewy and fudgy and full of chocolatey goodness.I wasn’t sure if I could recreate that taste,so maybe that’s why I didn’t try baking it myself.I’ve bookmarked so many recipes for the same,but didn’t take the plunge.

Enter Betty Crocker.Yeah,I just cant stop raving about the book I bought recently.For those who asked,I got it from one of the Book Fairs going around in Ernakulam.Though I don’t see myself baking/trying out all the recipes,they are a treat for the eye..such goodlooking pictures..:)

So here’s the first recipe I tried..and loving it..:)

Deluxe [Classic] Brownies
Recipe source – Betty Crocker’s Baking for Today

Ingredients [Makes 16 brownies]

Butter/Margarine – 2/3 cup[about 150 gms]
Unsweetened chocolate – 5 oz[about 140 gms]
Sugar – 1 ¾ cup – I reduced it to a cup and a half
Vanilla extract/essence – 2 tsps
Eggs – 3
All purpose flour – 1 cup
Chopped nuts – 1 cup – I used walnuts


Heat oven to 350F/175C.*
Grease/line bottom and sides of a 9’ square pan.
In a saucepan,melt butter and chocolate over low heat,stirring frequently-cool slightly.
In a medium bowl,beat sugar,vanilla and eggs with electric mixer on high speed for 5 minutes.Beat in chocolate mixture over low speed.
Beat in flour just until blended.Stir in nuts.Spread in pan.
Bake 40 to 45 minutes or just until edges crack and brownies pull away from sides of pan,
Cool and cut into 4 rows by rows.

*Set the temperature according to your oven-my brownies started to burn slightly by 25 minutes,so I loosely covered the pan with a foil and proceeded by setting the temp to 150C and increased the baking time.Though the crust looks a li’l burnt,it didn’t affect the taste in any way!!


  1. Wow.. looks so classic and delicious brownies dear!

  2. that looks chewy..perfect ..just the way I love brownies to be..

  3. I can never resist these cacao-rich nutty delight;

    I love it chewy and slightly moist in the interior!!

    (I bake it at 150° for about 40 minutes.)

  4. I can never resist these cacao-rich nutty delight;

    I love it chewy and slightly moist in the interior!!

    (I bake it at 150° for about 40 minutes.)

  5. I just had brownie and I know what you mean. Chocolate in it's finest form :D

  6. Looks so yumm, i love brownies it is ages ago i made them now you are tempting me to make them as you were tempted to make the noodles :-)

  7. Thanks for the info on Book Fairs Divya.The brownies are surely classic and hearty

  8. Cant take my eyes from the those delicious brownies..

  9. Ah this looks like a classic Brownie Recipe that should be a must have in any Recipe booklet. Nice, looks good, time to try it:)

  10. yummy and delicious brownies divya...

  11. Looks delicious Divya! I love chewy gooey brownies too and these just look perfect!

  12. i totally agree on the brownie being chewy and fudgy because they are fun to eat that way than the usual hard brownie..would love to try yur version!

  13. we seem to be alike! :)..watching the boy licking maggi and and instant urge that pops up..:)!
    Now did you say betty crocker?..brownie? heading straight to the store and then to the kitchen, oven to make brownies with betty crockers brownie mix (scratch scratch) :D!
    ...that praline cake down there is yummyyyooo many are trying out from Ria's..well..can you just bake and send me one..;)...plz...!!

  14. I am too much into baking...for some reason never tried Brownies..ur look nice and chewy

  15. Lovely brownies divya... SO chocolaty......

  16. Thats interesting name and definetely it looks yummm, love brownies...but never dared to make my own.


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