Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loshney Pitti Chutney~Garlic Dry Chutney/Powder

At my place in Ernakulam,Garlic was[still is] never used in cooking.I remember when we were small and fell ill[stomach-related],garlic pods were mashed lightly,mixed in ghee,packed in a small piece of muslin cloth and kept inside our belly button,which miraculously cured the never ending stomach aches.So for a long time,I believed that Garlic was a medicine and not edible:).

I started cooking with garlic as hubby is quite fond of it.He wouldn’t mind if I made a garlic stir fry too I guess.For curries which require a garlic garnish,I keep aside some for me and then follow the recipe.Though I don’t mind the hidden taste in many of the curries,putting a whole garlic and using it for seasoning etc is not my cup of tea.I find the strong smell quite pungent.

Whenever I made the karibeva chutney,hubby demanded I make the garlic version of it.I was apprehensive because peeling whole lot of garlic and smelling of garlic for the rest of the day is quite know.But he’s been asking it for so long that I gave in[to make garlic chutney,that is:)]It was a trouble alright,peeling 3 pods of garlic,but well worth the effort when he claimed it as “the best”.

Loshney Pitti Chutney ~ Garlic Dry Chutney


Dry copra – 1,grated


Dessicated Coconut – 1 packet[200 gms]

Garlic pods – 3 medium,peeled

Red chillies – 15

Tamarind – a small lump

Salt to taste

Ghee – 1 tbsp


In a thick bottomed kadai,add ghee and roast garlic in a slow flame till it becomes golden in colour.

Add the grated copra/dessicated coconut and red chillies.

Roast it on a low flame till it evenly browns-keep stirring to avoid burning.*

Add tamarind and salt to taste and mix well.

Powder in a mixer—Do not run the mixer for long or else the oil will ooze out(which will not affect the taste in any way)

Let it cool and then store in an air-tight container.

Tastes great with rice and dal.

*If you find the mix turning brown too fast,transfer the entire contents into a MW safe bowl and MW on high power for 2-3 minutes stirring every 30 seconds.

Sending this across to Sia who is hosting this month's RCI-Udupi Manglorean Cuisine an event originally started by Lakshmi.How could I miss it Sia??

Also to eh..umm Click-Bi-Colour.Does this one qualify..:)??


  1. O! how I love garlic! We use it EVERYDAY!!! :) But I never knew it was a cure for stomach pain :)Thanks for the info!

    Btw the chutney powder looks yumm!I loved all the clicks! And it is a perfect entry for CLICK as well!! Good Job DK!

  2. First time here & loved your blog ... Wow this chutney looks great & healthy too ... Nice info dear ... & perfect for click ...

  3. This is a new one to me..! Delicious flavourish!

  4. gal,I am getting a fragrance here..I just love this..

  5. we make something similar to this,but we grind very coarsely! I love it!

  6. I have to make this...very useful
    Divya...tnx for sharing...

  7. Looks like your hubby is a big foodie just like you. Chutney powder looks delicious. Nice clicks.

  8. Nice recipe...I am bookmarking this divya..can this powder be stored for few days?

  9. Wow...I love garlic too and this is too tempting. Do you chop the garlic before roasting?...would love to try this.

  10. Nice read divya..thats true of Garlic..Its a brilliant curer..
    and your chutney powder is new to me...yum yum !!

  11. Wow that is a nice chutney! And lovely click!

  12. hey divya, this dish is new to me and also I didnt know about the usage of garlic for stomach illness, thanks for the info. The pics look great!!

  13. wow Garlic is my favorite :) If you see my recipes, I try to use them as much as possible (not by using the ginger garlic paste, but by using fresh ones ) ....I just love the natural smell it imparts to the curry , way better than garam masala. This chutney is indeed tempted me to try it. about the Breadfruit question you asked, we get it in Indian stores (though they cost a lot) , btw we get canned ones too, drain , wash with cold water and use it.

    Divya, could you add a search feature in your blog? I sometimes find it a bit time consuming to search for that MW ghassi massolu recipe ;)

  14. hi Divya,
    Thanks for stopping by :)
    Hav tugal blogak silent visitor :) mast pantha yevunu recipes polonu vatsugelya :) I love the lashne chitne is one of my favourites even to date...thanks for the link ...would love to see u more often :)

  15. Hey if you find peeling garlic a pain, microwave the pods for 10-15 secs and it gets much easier.. (so finally I comment!)

  16. Wowie...this i must try soon...U konkani ?? nobody else would write a lashney pitti chitni :) super recipe...on my to-do list..

  17. This is something I make for dosas, in case of urgency!..
    I make the same way minus Tamarind n Ghee Plus Curry leaves..
    I will try ur method next :)!..

  18. Hey thanks for the reply, i was using Firefox to view sites, as thats our default browser in computer, now tried viewing IE, and i found the search bar, i suggest you to mention it in your blog that its best viewed in IE, people often write that, i too have to include it in mine sometime :) ...Take care..have a great weekend !

  19. First picture bhari like dista Divya. My husband loves garlic too and would enjoy stir fry as well :-))
    My ajji used to make this often and store it in bottles. used to love it with warm idli and some tup :-)

  20. i tried this chutney!! wow what a nice aroma of this chutney!! loved it. thanks!!


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